Referrals to the Isis Arising Coven

    Below, you'll find details of how to invite someone you intuit may be a perfect fit for the Coven, what to say to them, and the steps to ensure they have a smooth and divine introduction to the Coven, and, if they are a match, an excellent onboarding experience.

    1. Review the Coven Page Thoroughly

    It is important that you have a firm understanding of the Coven, what it stands for, and who would be a divinely perfect match.


    Remember, the Coven is not open to all. We do no proselytizing or recruiting. The Isis Arising Coven is a calling, one which is heard and answered only when the witchy or magickal aspirant is ready.


    Please note: only those who have been interviewed and accepted into the Coven and are current active members can refer others to the Coven.



    2. Speak With the Person

    When approaching the person about the Coven, the less you say, the better. Approach people who are witchy, magickal, and are learning about the Magickal Arts & Sciences. The Coven is not for everyone. Be discerning. Coven membership is limited in number, and the person must pass an interview to be admitted into the Coven. Take this into consideration when approaching others about joining the Coven.


    If all the above is aligned, ask the person simply if they've ever felt led to join a Coven? Listen carefully. If they express the desire to understand more, send them a link to the Isis Arising Coven page.



    3. Follow Up

    After your invitee has had an opportunity to review the Isis Arising Coven page, if they choose to complete the application and book their appointment, let them know you'll be in the interview with them. Of course, be sure they enter your name in the field on the application where it asks how they found out about the page.


    Make yourself available for their selected appointment time, or confer with them so that they pick a time that works for both of you. Though it's not required that you attend the interview with your invitee, it's recommended, as you will be assisting them each month with their subscription box. Relationships are vital and trust is required in the Coven.


    On the day of their interview, they will receive a Zoom link for their appointment time, and will be asked to share the link with you as well. Follow up with them to be sure they're ready for their interview on the day of their appointment and that they are on time. We cannot guarantee rescheduling for missed or late appointments, so be sure to garner commitment from your invitee that they will be present and on time.


    During the appointment, it is important that you keep silent as the new potential Coven member is interviewed. This is their appointment, and they will do most of the talking, in response to the interview questions. You are there as a support and guide.


    That's it! If the invitee is welcomed into the Coven, you'll receive step by step instructions on how to create their subscription box each month with them. In addition, you'll receive referral bonueses each month as they create and receive their subscription box. Creating and receiving recurring income can be holistic healing for your financial world and aligns with the Money aspect of the 5-Fold Path of the Coven.


    Thank you for keeping an eye out for anyone who may be looking for us!