• The Newest Witchy Book is OUT!

    "13 Signs You're a Witch - How to Determine Conclusively Whether You're a Witch & What to Do With the Power"

    On sale now. PLEASE NOTE: if you bought this book on Amazon in February 2021, you may have the unedited version (our mistake). If so, follow the instructions below to receive your free copy of the correct version. Apologies & love you!


    If you purchased "13 Signs You're a Witch"

    in February 2021, this is for you.

    You may have the incorrect version (apologies!). We uploaded the unedited manuscript to Amazon originally. To be sure you have the fully edited, final version, please EMAIL us your receipt from Amazon and we'll send you the link to download the correct version of the ebook at no cost.

    We'd love the opportunity to make it up to you! Email our office: Magick@ChristianWitches.com and we'll get you the correct ebook ASAP. Thank you & much love!

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