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    How to Be a Christian Witch


    Confessions of a Christian Witch

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  • How to Be a Christian Witch: Includes Initiation Instructions

    The Amazon Best Seller made its debut on the Full Moon. Includes the Blood Oath, Initiation Instructions, Initiatory Order of Rites and Christian Witches Coven Formation. There has never been a book like this for your path as a Christian Witch...

    "Confessions of a Christian Witch" NEW 2020 EDITION

    The tell-all mesmerizing story of a Christian Witch who escaped the cult of Jehovah's Witnesses, to fulfill her calling and destiny as a Christian Witch. Read the gritty, gory details of how former regular pioneer was disfellowshipped from the J.W.'s only to ascend to a magickal, mystical life as a Christian Witch. Available on Amazon.com

    40 Money Mantras - 40 Days to Wealth Consciousness

    For Witches, Wizards, Lightworkers, Healers and anyone who is READY to experience WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS NOW. Written by practicing Christian Witch, Author & Tarot Reader Rev. Valerie Love. EnJOY!!! Available on Amazon

    P.S. - Be sure to watch the YouTube Playlist for EACH DAY's mantra (40 vids in all!!!) HERE

    40 Money Spells - 40 Days to Wealth Consciousness

    This is a book of 40 short, powerful, practical, proven spells for WEALTH CREATION that WORK. Not included here is fluff, hype, gimmicks or platitudes, nor is anything here unnecessarily complicated, hard to understand or difficult to implement. The spells here are quite simply alchemy of the soul. As the introduction of the book states, these spells are not directed at outer effects. This magick is simple, born of necessity… my own burning desire to unleash myself from the shackles of lack and limitation that seemed to haunt me at every turn, even when I had money.

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