Welcome To Initiation In the Christian Witches Mystery School

    I'll be your guide through this page to be sure you make the best decision for yourself and your calling to begin or deepen your path in the Magickal Arts & Sciences:



    The INITIATION program for 2024 is now open!

    This is the ONLY mystery school on the planet that teaches, trains, equips and initiates Christian Witches.

    (Watch the videos below for all the juicy details...)


    Are you ready?


    You've been reading books about magick and the occult, buying implements and tools here and there and watching a boatload of videos... but how do you pull it all together in a cohesive magickal practice that transforms your life and enables you to serve others at a very high level?


    Or maybe you're a Christian who's always been drawn to the occult and yet you struggle with feeling like your soul is going to the dark side, or you feel twinges of guilt arise about the possibility that you could be abandoning God for the devil or are opening yourself to demonic influence?


    There's a lingering unanswered question in your mind: what would family and church friends do if they found out I'm a practicing Christian Witch? Or a witch of any kind?


    While it's true that people around you may not 'get' you, it doesn't matter. You know who you are and what you are on the planet to be and do.


    The path of the Christian Witch is a legitimate calling from the Divine to awaken and activate your witchy powers and learn to practice powerful and effective magick.


    Religious conditioning and familiar people (parents, pastors, teachers, society) made us think our ancient magick and way of being were wrong.


    NO MORE.


    You're not wrong. You're a witch. You have a deep and visceral connection to nature, the elements, the planets and stars, the spirit world and most of all, to God/Goddess.


    You're here to ACTIVATE ancient alchemy by ridding yourself of ALL fear (about what 'they' think), ALL self-doubt (about who you are and your path as a Christian Witch), ALL judgment about witches, witchcraft and magick, and ASCEND to your highest divine calling.


    You're a witch. You wouldn't have found this page and have read this far if you weren't. Something brought you here, and something's keeping you here.


    Now that you're here, there are penetrating questions on the table for you:




    Is it time to give yourself to the inner witch?


    Do you feel that deep gnawing in your soul to honor your path as a Christian Witch?


    Are you ready to delve deeper into the energies and ancient mysteries that have powered witches since the dawn of time?


    Are you willing to set aside fears lurking deep in the shadow that attempt to proclaim you can't be a Christian Witch? Or that you'll never be accepted by your Christian friends and family, or that it's just too scary to exit the broom closet?


    I get it. I understand. I was in the broom closet for years, hiding Tarot decks from my Baptist husband and suffocating my soul.


    It didn't work for me.


    Is it working for you?

    To deny who you are?

    To squelch your greatness and soul splendor?

    To do as you're told, yet not reap the benefits of being who you ARE?


    Or, if you're already out of the broom closet, is it time to delve deeply into the study and practice of magick so you can fire your work in the world to its zenith?


    Is it time for you to master your magick?


    You know you're here for BIG creations. Littleness will not do. In order to fulfill that BIG soul calling, a few components are required:


    • A rich and deep study of the occult.
    • A commmunity of witches around you who fan the flames of your soul.
    • Teachers who have been where you're going.
    • Spiritual practices of rituals and spell work to master your craft. 


    In this year of Initiation, we give you all that and more.


    I know who you are.


    This is the Mystery School you've been desperately seeking.


    Let's get you initiated into the Magickal Arts & Sciences.

  • What would you be doing if you EMBODIED and lived your entire existence as a FULL BLOWN, POWERFUL, UNAPOLOGETIC WITCH?

    Would you be crafting and casting precision spells from a deep place of knowing?


    Would you be engaging rituals that are perfectly designed for you and that soar your soul and ignite your magick?


    Would you be inspiring, teaching and empowering others on their spiritual path?


    Would you create the life of your dreams using magick as your supernatural ally?


    Would you own all your healing powers and practice the craft as a powerful witch?

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    I was afraid to be a FULL BLOWN WITCH

    I grew up in a Fundamentalist Christian household that damned witches, magick, ghosts, spirits of any kind, paranormal activity and anything outside the realm of the third dimension as demonic activity spurred on by the devil.


    Of course, this is not so. Even still, it took me years to EXIT THE BROOM CLOSET and LIVE my entire existence as a FULL BLOWN, UNAPOLOGETIC WITCH.


    I stopped hiding... myself and my Tarot decks. I stopped being engulfed in fear. I stopped being overly concerned about people who didn't understand my path.


    I'm free. I desire to share the freedom path of authentic expression as a powerful witch with anyone and everyone who's inclined to walk it.

  • The initiation program is one year.

    In the same vein as many other inititions, such as Yoruba and Akan, this initiation program is 1 year. In Wicca, the initiation process is a year and a day. The Magickal Arts & Sciences are not designed for speed. They're designed for integration.

    In your one year initiation experience, you receive:

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    Live Class Discussion

    The live class discussions with your fellow Initiates along with Rev. Valerie Love and teachers in the Mystery School is your virtual classroom and your safe space to connect with other witches, and your opportunity to deepen into the ancient mysteries so that you're UNSHAKABLE on your path as a Christian Witch.




    The knowledge you receive in the Mystery School fortifies and equips you to stand on your square (as the Masons say) and walk with your head held high as a practicing, initiated witch.


    (See the class schedule below.)

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    40 Foundations Lessons In Your Initiation Course

    The Foundations lessons of the Mystery School give you a solid footing for magick, and covers the 7 Hermetic Laws, the Code of the Christian Witch, Angelology & Demonology, Pathworking on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Introduction to Bible Magick, Spell Crafting & Casting for the Christian Witch and a LOT more.


    The 40 Foundations Lessons are released to you each month on a schedule to match class discussions. (See the curriculum below.)

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    Dedicated Facebook Group

    When you're with the witches, you're in community, not in a silo learning by yourself.


    We all long for connection, and when we have it, it's like refreshing waters washing the soul. Your connection with other witches is 24/7 in our dedicated Facebook group (for Initiates only).


    In our private space, we get to know each other more intimately, post incredible witchy resources we come across that represent magick and/or the craft, and provide the support you require while on this challenging path.


    You're not just in a school.


    You're in communion.

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    We LOVE rituals and honor the Moon Cycles, Spring & Fall Equinox, Summer and Winter Solstice and our personal seasons and cycles.


    Being a powerful witch is being in harmonic alignment with the forces we work with: earth, air, fire, water, ether.


    You'll be instructed on how to create and conduct rituals that align you as a witch with the cosmos and nature.


    You'll also be invited to rituals that activate your magick and catalyze your FREEDOM, HEALTH, WEALTH & FULFILLMENT.

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    Additional Classes With Our Teachers

    The Christian Witches Mystery School is a provider of training on all areas pertaining to Christian Witchcraft, including:

    • Wanding & Wandlore
    • Spell Crafting & Casting
    • Ritual Creation & Performance
    • Potions Making
    • Healing Arts With Plant Medicine
    • Crystal Magick
    • Angel Magick
    • Bible Magick & Spells
    • Ritual Baths
    • Mediumship & Psychic Development

    As an Initiate, you have access to all additional classes we conduct in the Mystery School at no additional charge. These classes are offered for a fee to the general public.

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    Special Event Pricing

    As an Initiate, you receive special pricing on the following Christian Witches events in 2024.

    • Christian Witches Convention 2024 (CWCon is on Memorial Day Weekend in New Orleans)
    • Salem EnchantFest (October 2024)
    • 11:11 Ritual & Retreat in Sedona
    • Winter Solstice Ritual & Retreat (December 2024, location TBA)

    As an Initiate, your experience is intended and designed to be immersive and holistic as a member of a vibrant community IN PERSON.


    *If you are enrolling in the Temple of Ma'at, you will receive 2 complimentary tickets to 2 of the above events in addition to special pricing on all other events. (See below.)

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    Guidance In A Cauldron of Love

    "As the Head Mistress of CCW, I hold you and every student in the heart of love, a space of pure and unlimited power that becomes the ladder our students climb, of their own volition, to asscend to the highest heights in magick, destiny, relationships, health and love."


    Rev. Val is the author of 25 books on practical spirituality, magick, the occult and Christian Witchcraft.


    She is a master spiritual life coach of 18 years, a global retreat leader and a teacher to millions of viewers on YouTube for over 13 years.


    As a self-proclaimed and prominent Christian Witch, Rev. Val is frequently interviewed on podcasts.


    Her divine mission to remove fear and ignorance from the word WITCH and empower Christians to return to the magick of Christ is her burning flame of unstoppability.


    As an emissary of the Goddess, Rev. Val is here to inspire and teach as a visionary leader.

  • Let's Take a Look At The Curriculum:





    CCW begins each initiate with the FOUNDATIONS course. In the Mystery School, we've ushered dozens of students through this course of study and continue to refine it as we go.


    FOUNDATIONS consists of 40 FOUNDATIONAL Lessons to become a MASTER of magick, establish your own rites and rituals as a practicing Christian Witch, be well versed in spell crafting and casting and be initiated into the Magickal Arts & Sciences.


    The course work is laid out as follows:


    Orientation - Welcome to CCW

    The 5 Be Awares

    Introduction - Magickal Tools & Implements & ReSource Library

    Foundations Lesson 1 - KNOW THYSELF

    Foundations Lesson 2 - The Witching Hour

    Foundations Lessons 3-9 - The 7 Keys to the Kingdom

    Foundations Lessons 10-18 - The Code of the Christian Witch

    Foundations Lessons 19-22 - The Elements

    Foundations Lessons 33 - Pathworking on the Tree of Life & the 11 Statements of Creation

    Foundations Lesson 34 - Introduction to Bible Magick & Using the Bible As A Grimoire

    Foundations Lesson 35 - Introduction to the Grimoires in the Solomonic Tradition

    Foundations Lesson 36 - Introduction to Angel Magick

    Foundations Lesson 37 - Demonology

    Foundations Lesson 38 - Days, Hours & Planetary Influences

    Foundations Lesson 39 - Practical Magick for the Christian Witch

    Foundations Lesson 40 - What Initiation TRULY Means



    After you've successfully completed study and mastery of the FOUNDATIONS lessons, as well as demonstrated effective spiritual practices and successful rituals and spell work, you've been prepared for Initiation.

  • You have a choice between 2 paths...

    Is self initiation right for you? Or is initiation into the Temple of Ma'at the best path for your spiritual unfoldment? Here's what's included in both, pricing and next steps:

  • Welcome to Enrollment in the Mystery School for


    Here are the 2 options available to you, depending on where you are in your magickal journey and your intention:


    1. Self Initiation - for beginners, or for you if you desire to do your entire course of study and initiation from home, and you will be learning and practicing magick and the craft primarily for yourself. This is a great starting point to give you a comprehensive foundation in magick, witchcraft and the occult.


    If you're choosing this option, enroll below and access the Initiation course immediately.




    2. Ma'at Temple of Love, Light & Truth Initiation - if you know you're called to help heal humanity by offering products and services, if you can commit to being in live classes and if you are in a position to travel to the location for your initiation on the Winter Solstice (it will be in the United States).


    If you're choosing this option, take the following 3 steps:


    1. Submit a fully refundable deposit of $500 to hold your space and let us know you are serious and intentional about moving forward.

    2. Complete your application.

    3. Book your interview.


    In your interview, we'll gain deeper insights into who you are, your intention in being initiated into the Temple of Ma'at, and how we can serve you in being a powerhouse witch. We look forward to speaking with you!


    Here are details & pricing for each option:

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    Self Initiation

    The sacred path of Self Initiation means you will do all cousework from home, and, with guidance, perform your own initiation in a location you choose at the end of your preparatory year.


    Your Self Initiation as a Christian Witch is a sacred affair between you and God/Goddess. Imagine yourself in nature... in a cave, by the river, a lake, on a mountain, or in an outdoor temple or an indoor shrine conducting your own Initiation into the Magickal Arts & Sciences (or in your backyard or kitchen). This is deeply personal, sacred and a time of great shift in the universe because of your commitment and dedication of yourself to the path of magick.


    You receive:

    • THE FOUNDATIONS COURSE - the core course work in CCW that ALL our students undertake to supply each with a well-rounded understanding of the Magickal Arts & Sciences as well as a solid foundation upon which to build one's life and magick. You receive access to 2-4 lessons each month after Orientation.
    • LIVE CLASSES - you'll have access to live classes with the faculty of CCW to study the lessons for the month, answer questions and prepare you for the month ahead, and for your sacred Initiation date. (See class schedule below.)
    • COVEN - opportunity to enter into the Coven upon completion or during the Iniation year. Please note that the Coven has its own fees and requirements and a separate application process.
    • SPECIAL PRICING - you receive special pricing on these events in 2024: Christian Witches Convention 2024, Salem Enchantfest 2024, 11:11 Ritual & Retreat in Sedona and the Winter Solstice 2025.
    • DIVINE DESTINY PLAN - your Self created map of your destiny and how you intend to move forward after Initiation.
    • FREE ACCESS TO EXTRA CLASSES - CCW conducts classes for the general public at a fee. As an initiate, you'll receive free access to these additional classes offered by the Mystery School in 2024 & 2025.

    Investment: $2,997 (one time payment)




    4 Payments of $777 each (one payment every 60 days)

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    Ma'at Temple Initiation

    If you are ready to answer the call of your soul to become a High Priestess in the Magickal Arts & Sciences, to assist others (and the planet) with their ascension, this is the path for you. This is a calling we honor and enter into with great reverence and respect.


    Your initiation as a High Priestess will take place in a private location in nature with other initiated High Priestesses present in a sacred ceremony you will remember forever that will mark your entry into the lineage of initiated practioners of the craft who have gone before. Our Temple Priestesses also engage ritual bathing before initiation. All details will be provided for this sacred occasion.


    You receive:

    • THE FOUNDATIONS COURSE - the core course work in CCW that ALL our students undertake to supply each with a well-rounded understanding of the Magickal Arts & Sciences as well as a solid foundation upon which to build on'es life and magick. You receive access to 2-4 lessons each month after Orientation.
    • LIVE CLASSES - you'll have access to live classes with the faculty of CCW to study the lessons for the month, answer questions and prepare you for the month ahead, and for your sacred Initiation date. (See class schedule below.)
    • COVEN - opportunity to enter into the Coven upon completion or during the Initiation year. Please note that the Coven has its own fees and requirements and a separate application process.
    • DIVINE DESTINY PLAN - your Self created map of your destiny and how you intend to move forward after Initiation.
    • FREE ACCESS TO EXTRA CLASSES - CCW conducts classes for the general public at a fee. As an initiate, you'll receive free access to these additional classes offered by the Mystery School in 2024 & 2025.
    • PAID TEACHING & LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES - as an initiated High Priestess in the Temple of Ma'at, you have the opportunity to be selected for paid teaching, leadership roles and responsibilities in our growing community. We're always looking for that next spiritual leader. Is it you? We'll discuss more about paid opportunities in your interview.
    • EVENTS PACKAGE - you receive 2 tickets to each of these 2 events in 2024: the Christian Witches Convention in New Orleans on Memorial Day Weekend and Salem EnchantFest in October 2024 (A value of over $999).
    • RETREAT SPECIAL PRICING - You receive special pricing on all retreats in 2024 and 2025. Links to register (for your use) only are in your course.
    • DEDICATED BIG SISTER - your big sister is your guide throughout the year toward your initiation and has been initiated as a High Priestess in the Temple of Ma'at.
    • RITUAL ROBE - your CCW ritual robe for sacred celebrations, rituals and service to humanity. This robe cannot be purchased and is owned exclusively by High Priestesses in the Ma'at Temple of Love, Light & Truth.
    • MAGICKAL NAME - all Priestesses in the Temple of Ma'at receive a new magickal name as part of their initiatory rites.

    Investment: $10,000 (one time payment of $9,500 after $500 deposit has been submitted)




    4 Payments of $2,500 (one payment every 60 days after $500 deposit has been sumbmitted)

  • Remember, you're not here to please anyone else.


    You're here to walk YOUR path, in YOUR way, doing what YOU are divinely called to... NOT what other people say you should be doing, or how they say you should be worshipping.


    You're not a pretzel to be bent to the will of others.


    You're a witch.


    As an initiated Christian Witch, you can be relieved that you will no longer:

    • Fear what 'they' say or think
    • Hide your magick or your gifts
    • Shrink yourself so others don't feel bad in the presence of your big, powerful Self
    • Hide your Tarot decks, crystals, wands and any other magickal implements from prying eyes and fear of judgment
    • Wonder if you'll go to hell because you heed the ancient call of the witch
    • Experience inner conflict about being a Christian and a Witch
    • Secretly wonder if you're incurring the wrath of God because of your choice to practice magick and/or the craft
    • Hold back in your spiritual practices when you're designed to RUN and SOAR
    • Experience confusion about what a Christian Witch is or what a Christian Witch does
    • Are unaware of the deities you work with, and who your Spirit Team is
    • Live a muggle's life not knowing who you are and out of touch with your innate powers

    There's a whole new world waiting for you as an Initiate into the Magickal Arts & Sciences. Living the magickal life means you:

    • Manifest with greater speed than ever (because you're connected and aligned through your spiritual practices, energy field and vibration)
    • Meditate better than ever (so you experience a peaceful clear mind that ALWAYS knows what's right for you)
    • Have greater access to INNATE POWER than EVER
    • Have greater KNOWLEDGE than EVER (about magick, the Bible, and Christ, including the hidden codes in his message that were revealed to Mary Magdalene)
    • Know which deities, spirits, angels and ascended masters you work with, how to communicate with them clearly and easily, on every matter in your life, from food to sex to money, and most important: your spiritual unfoldment
    • Have a laboratorium (sacred space) in your home for devotion to your Spirit Team
    • Have a shrine for your ancestral spirits in your home
    • Have communication with spirits of the land where you reside and travel to
    • Develop a profound and ever deepening connection with your Spirit Team: the guides, ancestors, birth angels, and archangels who tend you and work for and with you
    • Have DOMINION in your world by ruling as the Magickal Badass you are created to be
    • Have no concern whatsoever about what 'they' think because you are wholly attuned to your Spirit Self

    Initiation is a process and step for the ready, willing and able... a process and step that will rinse away the darkness and shatter illusions that blind us to our greatness. You're created by Mother Father God to be a supernova, a magnificent manifestation of divine power.


    You're a witch.


    The days of fear are over.


    We're here to see you walk the world as a powerful, well tooled, grounded, and successful witch.