• Initiation into the

    Ma'at Temple of Love, Light & Truth

    The Initiation Program is currently closed to new applicants.

    To receive a notification when we re-open in the spring for enrollment of new Witches:

    TEXT the word Initiation to (844) 947-6730

    Blessings & Love!

  • Welcome Home

    You're on this page because you were drawn here...


    Of all the pages you could be looking at right now, you're engaged with this one. This is not by accident.





    It's up to you to know what that reason is.


    If you're looking for:







    so that you:








    then you're ready to seek


    into the Magickal Arts & Sciences.


    Your next steps are here. Welcome to your new world...


















    To have a complete understanding of initiation into the

    Ma'at Temple of Love, Light & Truth

    watch the video below.


    In the video, you'll discover:

    **The distinction between a coven, a classroom and a congregation...


    **How the Initiation Program differs from the Mystery School...


    **What is entailed in the Initiation Program...


    **The structure of the program...


    **Your investment for the program...


    **What the program requires of you...


    And more...


    Before watching the video, please take the following steps:


    1. Be still. Make sure you're in a quiet place for the entirety of the video so that you gain a COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING.


    2. Connect. Connect with your Spirit Team within (enlightened ancestors, angels, spirit guides, animal totems, etc.) to receive your perfect guidance.


    3. Take Notes. You may have questions. These will be answered below.


    4. Take Action. The most important step of all. After watching the video, review this page and take the ACTION STEPS set forth here.


    We would LOVE to have you as one of the 44 Founding Witches of the

    Ma'at Temple of Love, Light & Truth



    You now have 2 tracks to choose from!


    We know many of you would love to attend online classes of the Christian Witches Mystery School and may not be in a position to travel.


    That option is now open!


    There are 2 tracks to choose from:


    The INITIATION track means you'll be in class with us, you'll travel to the 2 retreats, and you'll be initiated in Sedona on the Fall Equinox 2021 (September 2021).


    The STUDY track means you'll be in class with us, with no requirement to travel. This track DOES NOT culminate in initiation.

    See details below...

  • Initiation Specifics

    You are being initiated into the

    Ma'at Temple of Love, Light & Truth

    What is the

    Ma'at Temple of Love, Light & Truth?

    The Ma'at Temple of Love, Light & Truth is a spiritual community of magickal beings.


    Eventually, the Temple will have a physical location. For some, high-vibe, empowered spiritual community is a MUST for rapid ascension and acceleration on the magickal path.

    For others, we just love hanging out with other Witchy people.


    The Ma'at Temple of Love, Light & Truth is a community comprised of Christian Witches as well as magickal beings who may not necessarily consider themselves Christian Witches, yet who love to be in community with us.


    We're not partial to Christian Witches.

    We welcome all people: of all persuasions, faith walks, creeds, cultures and colors.

    This program is open to men, women and other.


    It's important to know and understand that you don't have to be a Christian Witch to participate in this program, nor do you have to be a Christian Witch to be initiated.





    Remember, you landed on this page for a reason.


    Why are we initiating 44 Witches?

    44 is a master number and serves as a powerful foundation for the Temple.

    4 + 4 = 8: a powerful number symbolizing infinity and abundance.

    The number 8, when placed on its side, forms a lemniscate.


    The 44 Founding Witches of the Ma'at Temple of Love, Light & Truth will form a solid foundation of service to our beautiful and incredible magickal family.


    We welcome you into high-vibe, spiritual community.


    We're the family you've been looking for.

    Why the Initiation Program?

    The ancient temples of Kemet (Egypt) had Priests/Priestesses (who were initiated) who SERVED by caring for the spiritual needs of the Temple and the people.


    Today, in the Ma'at Temple of Love, Light & Truth, we initiate Witches, Wizards and/or Warlocks to serve the Temple, the members of the Temple, and the world at large. Our community requires initiated Witches, Wizards and Warlocks who can perform spiritual services as magickal beings who are not afraid to show up and share.


    Service to humanity as a magickal being could potentially take many forms, including:


    Tarot Reader

    Angel Card Reader

    Midwife and/or Birth Doula

    Rites of Passage

    Initiating Others into Magickal Orders/Systems

    Baby Blessings

    Baby Naming Ceremonies

    Weddings/Handfasting Ceremonies

    End of Life Doula


    Retreat Leader

    Transformational Author

    Inspirational Speaker

    House Blessings

    Home Energy Clearing


    Witchy Products

    Magick/Metaphysical Shoppe

    Sacred Sexologist

    Tantric Healing Arts

    Magickal Services


    These are a few examples of how you, as a magickal being, can serve humanity, should you choose to stand up and show up. You have a unique calling. You will answer this calling because that's what your soul contracted to do.


    That's exactly what we support you in doing in this program.

    Who is This Initiation Program For?

    This program is for you if YOU KNOW YOU'RE LED TO BE HERE.


    This program is NOT just for Christian Witches.

    This program is NOT just for women.

    This program is NOT just for people who have been to the Mystery School, or who have attended our global spiritual retreats or who have participated in our programs previously.




    There is no authority other than the divine AS YOU accessed WITHIN the core of your own soul.

    Intention & Logistics

    Intention for the Program

    The intention of this initiatory program is to equip, tool and inspire magickal beings to serve humanity in harmony with Source, nature and True Will, also known as divine destiny.


    This is a group program.


    If You're in the Initiation Track, Your Initiation Occurs on:

    The Fall Equinox

    Wednesday, September 22, 2021


    The Initiation Retreat is 3 Days:

    September 21-23, 2021


    Your Initiation Location:

    Sedona, AZ, USA

    2-Fold Structure of the Program - Part 1

    Part 1 of the program consists of our weekly "Spirit Gatherings" where the entire group meets via Zoom each week on Monday morning's at 5 AM ET for 90 minutes.


    You can participate in this initiation program from anywhere in the world!


    An internet connection, the free Zoom app and a device for connecting is all that's required.


    All Spirit Gatherings are held on Monday mornings @5 AM ET.


    Your Initiation Group
    This is a group program, thus you'll be with many others who are being immersed in magick. Each participant will serve as your divine reflection in some way, shape or form. How yummy!


    These are amazing soulful partners on the journey, many of whom could become life-long mighty companions. We've seen it over and over in our programs throughout the years: friends are made for life. We thrive in community!


    Curriculum for our Spirit Gatherings

    The content of this program is the initial course work taught in the Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School (CCW).


    This course work is known as


    40 Lessons for a Magickal Life & Practice


    These 40 lessons comprise the FOUNDATION of magickal life and practice and can be applied to almost any system of magick.


    In addition to the Foundations course work, you will envision and create your Divine Destiny Plan

    the vision of your service to humanity as a magickal being.


    Our Spirit Gatherings are conducted by Rev. Valerie Love (aka KAISI) and teachers in the Christian Witches Mystery School.


    In addition to covering our curriculum, you'll receive coaching, community and camaraderie so that you complete this program in excellence!





    We've added the STUDY TRACK to the program so that anyone who wishes to join us from anywhere in the world can take the entire 40 Lessons of the FOUNDATIONS course in the Christian Witches Mystery School without ever leaving home!


    See below for Part 2 of the program...

    2-Fold Structure of the Program - Part 2

    Part 2 of the program is the travel requirement.


    The following 2 trips are required for those on the INITIATION TRACK in the program.


    Trip 1: Peru in

    May 24-31, 2021:

    for immersion into the magick and healing of PLANT MEDICINES. In our soul sojourns to Peru, we dive deep into Ayahuasca and Wachuma, 2 powerful plant healers/teachers. You can choose to drink plant medicine or not, that choice is completely up to you. Even if you choose not to drink, you will receive powerful healing and teaching from the experience of being with us in our sacred shamanic activities in the Andes Mountains of Peru and on the Inca Trail.


    Trip 2: Sedona, AZ in

    September 21-24, 2021:

    This is your initiation trip after successfully completing the program. Your initiation takes place on the Fall Equinox. You'll receive full details during the program to prepare for your initiation.


    Initiation Celebration

    An initiation celebration will be held in Sedona as well. While the initiation itself is private and only for initiates and our supporting Witches and Wizards, the celebration after the initiation will be open to friends and family who would love to come and support you and celebrate this monumental occasion!


    Why is travel required in the program?

    We've found that nothing stretches you out of your comfort zone, challenges your beliefs and perceptions, grows you as a human/spirit being and brings forth compassion for all people like TRAVEL to UNKNOWN PLACES to engage UNFAMILIAR EXPERIENCES.

    We love growth!


    Travel gives you the opportunity to DEMONSTRATE what you know about manifesting infinite abundance and expanding your consciousness in the area of time on the 3rd dimension.


    Travel with us gives you the opportunity to have the visceral experience of planting yourself in loving community, for max rapid ascension. You grow faster around like-minded magickal beings.

    Your Sherpa

    A Sherpa is a guide... one who knows the way and can safely and gently escort others on their own unique path.


    Valerie Love (aka KAISI) is an Ordained Minister of Spiritual Consciousness, a master coach and teacher who has been serving humanity in her destiny for the past 15+ years and is the author of 18 books on practical spirituality, magick and the occult.


    She's blessed to conduct initiations, exorcisms, baby blessings, house clearing services and more in her walk as a magickal being.


    As the Founding Minister of the Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School in the Solomonic Tradition (CCW), and the Ma'at Temple of Love, Light & Truth, she finds raucous joy in creating and inspiring spiritual community!


    Rev. Val travels the world for her soul's unfoldment and ascension, being initiated and inducted into spiritual traditions globally in such locations as Bali, India, Dubai, Peru, China, Hong Kong, Cannes, Paris, Hawaii, Sedona, Salem, New York, New Orleans and more.


    She leads global retreats, including plant medicine experiences, for her beloved spiritual community in Dubai, Peru, Bali, New Orleans, Sedona, Washington D.C., the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia and more.


    Rev. Val's YouTube channel has been viewed by millions and currently has over 56,000 subscribers who tune in to her riveting and often unconventional teachings on magick, money & metaphysics.

  • By Application Only

    This program is by application only.


    As you can imagine, many will desire to participate, yet this is a program that may not be appropriate for all who apply. The divine ideal is to admit those who are ready, willing and able to make the commitment, endure the trials of initiation, and complete in excellence.


    This program delves into the magick of ancient Kemet. There is no other program like this on the planet.


    If this is the direction you know you're led in, take the next step toward initiation into the Temple and joining one of the most amazing collections of magickal beings on the planet!

  • Outcomes

    Post Initiation

    After your initiation, we expect you to be up and running in your Divine Destiny Plan serving humanity as a magickal being.


    We expect you to be a living, breathing emanation of the

    42 Laws of Ma'at

    as bequeathed to us from ancient Kemet (Egypt).


    We expect you to be able to create sacred space as a High Priest, High Priestess, High Witch, High Wizard or High Warlock, and to be able to conduct all manner of sacred ceremonies, rituals and rites of passage for self and others.


    New Name

    During your initiation, you will receive a new sacred name. More details on your new name are revealed once you're accepted into the program.

  • How to Get Started!

    How to begin your magnificent journey of immersion into the ancient mystery and wonder of the Magickal Arts & Sciences.

    A Word About Commitment

    As you can surmise, this is a commitment. If you're not ready to make this commitment, it's all good! Come to the Mystery School at one of our upcoming classes and grow with us there.

    We'd love to have you!


    If you're choosing to move forward with your initiation, make up your mind NOW and set your true intention that you will complete with excellence so as to serve humanity at the highest level from your deepest love.


    Now that's living babyyyyy!

    Program Investment

    There are 2 options for payment:

    A one-time payment of $5,000 for the program.


    12 Payments of $444/month.

    (You save with the pay-in-full option.)


    Payment Includes

    Weekly Spirit Gatherings via Zoom

    Content & Coaching with Rev. Valerie Love

    Your Divine Destiny Plan Blueprint


    Payment Does Not Include

    Registration for the Peru Experience ($2,222)

    Initiation Supplies Expenses (approx. $200)

    Airfare, accommodations, food, travel to and in Sedona and Peru.


    Note: allot approximately $10,000 from start to completion, including the program tuition and your 2 trips. Mark your calendar now for:


    Peru Plant Medicine Experience: May 24-31, 2021


    Initiation in Sedona, AZ: September 21-24, 2021 (Fall Equinox)

  • 3 Steps to Begin

    Step 1: Watch the video above in its entirety.


    Step 2: Submit your non-refundable application fee of $22.


    Step 3: Complete your application.


    Your application will be reviewed and divination will be conducted to inquire of Source and the upper realms as to the absolute highest and best for all involved.


    If your application is approved, you'll be contacted via email and provided with next steps to join the program.


    If your application is not approved at this time, you will be notified via email. We pray that you'll continue to do your spiritual work and apply for the program again next year.


    We'll see you in the Temple.


    You may have questions. We've provided a few answers for clarity.

    Do I have to travel?

    The program now has 2 tracks.


    The STUDY track is completely done from home, with no requirement to travel. In the STUDY track, you have access to the 40 online modules that comprise the FOUNDATIONS course, as well as the Spirit Gatherings with Rev. Val and the group on Monday mornings, and creation of your Divine Destiny Plan. Those in the STUDY track are not required to travel. Please note that the STUDY track is for your own personal study, growth, development in inspired community and does not culminate in initiation.


    The INITIATION track requires travel. If you're in the INITIATION track, you'll be required to travel to Peru (May 24-31, 2021) for the Plant Medicine Experience and to Sedona for your initiation on the Fall Equinox of 2021 (September 21-24, 2021). These trips have extensive training and experiential components for your initiation.


    You choose the track that works best for you!

    What's the price difference between the 2 tracks?

    Both tracks are the same investment: $5,000 for the year if making a one-time payment, or $444 per month for 12 months.

    Are the retreats included in the course tuition?

    No. The retreats in Sedona and Peru are paid for separately. The registration for Peru is $2,222. You are responsible for travel expenses, airfare and accommodations. We provide the retreat experiences, all your retreat materials and full training. The links to register for the retreats will be provided to the group first (before the general public) so that you have the opportunity to secure your space.

    Can I attend one or both retreats if I'm in the STUDY track?

    Yes. Anyone can attend the retreats. They are open to registration for our entire global community. If you're in the INITIATION track, there will be certain experiences that will take place at the retreats that are exclusively for you and those being initiated.

    Will I receive a new name if I'm in the STUDY track?

    If you're in the INITIATION track, you will receive a new name. More details of the name are revealed in the program.

    Can I participate in the program if I'm not able to attend the Zoom calls?

    No. This is a highly participatory program with coaching and community. We all benefit from your presence. All who are in the program are required to show up on Monday mornings to participate fully in the discussion, coaching and transformation in the circle with your fellow magikal practitioners.

  • Ready for your next steps?

    To begin, submit the $22 application fee and complete your application. Once completed, you'll receive an email with the status of your application within 3 days. Love you & see you in the TEMPLE...

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