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    Here's what you need to know to move forward with this incredible gaggle of Witches:

  • How to Be Initiated as a Christian Witch

    Give careful and heartFULL attention to this page, to determine by resonance, if this is the right initiatory path for you. Follow your intuition. It knows.

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    Initiation into the Ma'at Temple of Love, Light & Truth

    The Ma'at Temple of Love, Light & Truth is the ecclesiastical aspect of the Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School and is for developing spiritual capacities and gifting in the initiate so that they may serve the spiritual needs of people as a High Priest, Priestess, Witch, Wizard or Warlock.

    Program Length

    This initiation is a 1 year program. You begin on January 2, 2022 (on the New Moon) and you are initiated on the Winter Solstice on Wednesday, December 21, 2022. Details on initiation are provided to you in advance. When you are initiated, you receive a robe. This robe is EXCLUSIVELY for initiates who complete the program in excellence, fulfill all requirements and are intiated. Your robe is conferred upon you at your initiation. (FYI, this robe cannot be purchased.)

    Requirements for Initiation

    If you are to be initiated in the Ma'at Temple of Love, Light & Truth, you will be required to complete the 40 lessons of the Mystery School, as well as travel to one of the following retreats in 2022 (any retreat of your choosing): Plant Medicine on the Spring Equinox (Bahamas), Quantum Leap Dubai, Mediterranean Soul Excursion in Summer of 2022, or the Indian Ocean Excursion in late summer/early fall 2022, or The Writers Retreat in Costa Rica in fall of 2022.


    You're required to attend a retreat in order to demonstrate your transformation into a new being. (More on this in the webinar, register below.)

    In Person Study & Home Study

    You'll receive a schedule for the year (with exact dates) upon entry into the program.

    The schedule is:


    1 Zoom per month - classroom style for all our students.

    2 Meetings per month virtually - on the New Moon and Full Moon of each month for our rituals.

    Attendance at 1 retreat - as mentioned above.

    Attendance at your initiation on December 21, 2022 at a location in the U.S. (location will be disclosed to you in advance).


    The curriculum in the program is named FOUNDATIONS and consists of 40 lessons to deepen your understanding of the multi-faceted nature of magick, how to master your craft and ascend in consciousness. The intention here is not to stuff your head with information... instead, we are here to create the space for you to unfold your soul. While study is important, it is 2nd in importance to your personal transformation, which is a requirement of this program.


    The FOUNDATIONS curriculum outline is HERE.


    You'll meet graduates of the program during your initiatory year as they will be guiding and supporting you in your journey. They've walked this path successfully and are thus perfectly equipped and able to offer their love and energy to our initiates as you move through your year.

    This is NOT Easy

    Initiation into this path, as with any initiation, including Yoruba, Santeria, Wicca and any other magickal tradition is NOT easy. It will be challenging. You will grow. You will see your stuff come up and you'll have the opportunity to clean and clear it. You will not like part of it, and you will LOVE the outcome. This is not done because it is easy. This is done because this is our CALLING.

    Home Study Course

    A home study course option is available to you. This option does not require travel and can be completed entirely from home. No rereat attendance is required. For the home study option, you will conduct your own initiation when you're ready. Please note, no robe is conferred upon those who choose the home study option, as you will be completely responsible for your own initiation.

    We'll discuss more about his option on the webinar, register here:


    The investment required for initiation will be discussed in detail on the Initiation Webinar. Several payment options are available to you for initiation. They'll be discussed in detail on the Initiation webinar. All things are possible IF the initiate is truly WILLING. Reserve your space here:

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