• ReSources for Christian Witches

    ReSources (videos, books, podcast episodes and more) to make blatantly clear you are not alone on your walk as a Christian Witch. Truth be told, this path is older than time, but that's a story for another day...

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    Vids We love!

    Vids from 'kick-a' Witches who don't take no tea for the fever:

    Christian Witch's Creed

    a creed for christian witches

    I wrote this creed to unstifle my tortured soul... I was 'in a way'... totally conflicted through and through... inside my being was a Witch on one side (arms folded), and a Christian on the other (hands in prayer), one was my birth signature (I was born a Witch), and the other was born of my love affair with the Ascended Master Christ... neither was giving, and neither was leaving.


    So I HAD to find a solution, an integration, an internal peace-making. That's when my creed was born. I shared it online, for any other Christian Witches who may have found themselves living with a tortured soul like me.


    Use the creed or dare to write your own MANIFESTO of Christian Witchery!!! Remember, you're the boss of you.

    Recommended Books


    I've read hundreds, if not thousands, of books on spirituality, Wicca, the Craft, Magick and Metaphysicis. Here are books I've found helpful, insightful, useful and/or interesting or at least mildly amusing, along with books that are recommended by others on the path of the Christian Witch:

    • Amazon List of Books (this is an affiliate link, just so you know we earn commissions from qualifying purchases, without it costing you anything. Thanks for supporting the work of Christian Witches!)

    More ReSources

    we got you covered witchy wonder

    Rev. Valerie Love - KAISI's YouTube channel is practical spirituality for the Christian Witch who cares not what people think of you:

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    Intriguing Deliciousness Online

    spaces & places online that are about something real

    One of my FAVE blogs is Bad Witches from the Queen of Bad Witch Kingdom herself, Ms. Carolyn Elliott (effin love her) and the good news is, I've had the opportunity to write for the blog so while you're over there gettin' your BAD WITCH on, hop on over to:

    I found this online by synchronicity and the urge is to share it with you, so I will:
    Podcasts on Magick that I LOVE (these are not necessarily Witchy podcasts, they're podcasts on Magick, the paranormal and whole lot more)
    • Glitch Bottle - probably my all time fave podcast - GREAT conversations
    • Rune Soup - really nice podcast with great questions and great guests

    Found this amazing article about what it means to be a Christian Witch and HAD to share:

    The Witches Box

    Subscribe To The Only Witch Box That Sends You A Gorgeously Curated Box Each Month AND Includes A Live Online Community Gathering Each Month To Dive Into Deeper Teachings Of Magick...

    Not too long ago, The Witches Box reached out to me via email to introduce me to their company and products, and offered to send a a new subscription package they were launching (as of October 1, 2019) called The Witches Books. It's a monthly subscription with books on spirituality and witchcraft that go deeper than the usual Witchcraft 101 and really support and inspire Witches (and anyone who desires to learn and practice magick) in going deeper with magickal practice.


    Well, when I hopped over to the website I was IMPRESSED! I knew instantly it was the right company to partner with to bring you some of the best of the best with regard to practicing your craft and studying magick.


    With that said, the Witches Book subscription box has been sent to me and I'll do an unboxing as soon as it arrives!!!


    If you like the sound of this, here's my Affiliate Link.

    (which means I earn commissions on qualifying purchases). Thank you for taking a look! I think you'll love the box...

    The Witches' Books

    ...building your reliquary of Witchcraft wisdom one month at a time...

    I do NOT have to tell you how much I'm in love with BOOKS!!! I recommend books galore, and have an Amazon Affiliate store FULL of book recommendations for you. As if that's not enough, I LOVE the idea of the Witchy Book Club from The Witches' Books (the same company that brings you The Witches Box each month in a gorgeously curated box of Witchy tools, spells and ritual implements along with herbs and more each month). The book club sends out books that are BEYOND the usual Witchcraft 101 boosk that you can find just about everywhere now. Instead, The Witches Books are books that delve deeper into spirituality, witchcraft and magick.


    If you like the sound of this, here's my AFFILIATE LINK.

    (which means I earn commissions on qualifying purchases). Thank you for taking a look! I think you'll love the books!

    The Christian Witch’s Round Table

    I got the delicious opportunity to hang out with witches I love in this riveting discussion...

  • Rebel Soul Syndicate Podcast

    (Formerly The Black Sheep Experience Podcast)


    KAISI (aka Rev. Valerie Love) appears as a guest on the Black Sheep Experience Podcast to discuss all things Christian Witchcraft!


    The Black Sheep Experience Podcast, hosted by Craig Hostetler, is a podcast about YOU & about finding our individuality, it is the pursuit of the Divine, life, love, expression and self reliance!


    Rev. Val has been honored to be on the Black Sheep Experience podcast more than once! Here are links to the episodes:


    Christian Witch with Rev. Valerie Love Episode



    How to Be a Christian Witch Book Release Discussion!



    Support the podcast: listen and join the discussion!

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