• Welcome Home...

    Are you ready for Initiation as a Christian Witch?


    Welcome home Christian Witch...


    You've had the eerie feeling for most of your life that you're different, or that people just don't 'get' you.


    You've had visions since you were a child, of other worlds, and communed with spirits and ancestors for as long as you can remember.


    I know who you are.


    You're a Witch. Yet, religious conditioning and familiar people (parents, pastors, teachers, society) made us think our ancient magick and way of being were wrong.


    NO MORE.


    You're not wrong. You're a Witch. You have a deep and visceral connection to nature, the elements, the Spirit world and most of all, to God/Goddess.


    You're here to ACTIVATE that ancient alchemy by ridding yourself of ALL fear (about what 'they' think), ALL self-doubt (about who you are and your path as a Christian Witch), ALL judgment about Witches, Witchcraft and Magick, and ASCEND to your highest divine calling.


    You're a Witch. You wouldn't have found this page and have read this far if you weren't. Something brought you here, and something's keeping you here.


    Now that you're here, there are penetrating questions on the table for you:




    Do you feel that deep, gnawing in your soul to honor your path as a Christian Witch?


    Are you ready to delve deeper into the ancient energies and mysteries that have powered Witches since the dawn of time?


    Are you willing to set aside the fears lurking deep in the shadow that tell you that you can't be a Christian Witch? Or that you'll never be accepted by your Christian friends and family, or that it's just too scary to exit the broom closet?


    I get it. I understand. I was in the broom closet for years, hiding Tarot decks from my Baptist husband and suffocating my soul.


    It didn't work for me.


    Is it working for you?

    To deny who you are?

    To squelch your greatness and soul splendor?

    To do as you're told, yet not reap the benefits of being who you ARE?

  • There's another way to approach this path...

    Rev. Valerie Love - KAISI invites you to exit the broom closet...

    Author, Speaker, Teacher and High Priestess Rev. Valerie Love invites you to EXIT toxic religious programming and ENTER spirituality, the domain of the SOUL.


    Rev. Valerie Love (aka KAISI) is the Founder & Head Mistress of the Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School (CCW) the ONLY school on the planet with a magickal order that initiates Christian Witches, specializing in Christian Witchcraft, Bible Magick, Egyptian Mysteries and every aspect of being a magickal practitioner.


    As the author of the Christian Witchcraft Starter Kit, the best selling series of books, she's a fount of information and wisdom for Christian Witches.

    When You're Around Like Minded Witches...

    Initiation is a one year journey into the depths of your soul, with a group of Witches like you, who are exploring their dark and light. Initiation is the ultimate exit from the broom closet, and if you're already out, it's the means to unleash your magick...

    As A High Priestess...

    As an initiated High Priestess, you understand the depths of potential lying within, and you're tapping into it to manifest YOUR PURPOSE FULFILLED, vast ABUNDANCE, smooth and rich RELATIONSHIPS and a healthy, thriving, energetic BODY TEMPLE. All this and more is manifested effortlessly when you understand WHO YOU ARE.


    Christian Witches is not just for women. We're for ALL who desire to take this most sacred step into the inner sanctum: initiation.

  • You're not here to please the Christians in your life.


    You're here to walk YOUR path, in YOUR way, doing what YOU are divinely called to... NOT what other people say you should be doing, or how they say you should be worshipping.


    You're not a pretzel to be bent to the will of others.


    You're a Witch.


    As an initiated Christian Witch, you can be relieved that you will no longer:

    • Fear what 'they' say or think
    • Hide your magick or your gifts
    • Shrink yourself so others don't feel bad in the presence of your big and powerful energy
    • Hide your Tarot decks, crystals, wands and any other magickal implements
    • Wonder if you'll go to hell because you heed the ancient call of the Witch
    • Experience inner conflict about being a Christian and a Witch
    • Secretly wonder if you're incurring the wrath of God because of your choice to practice magick and/or the Craft
    • Hold back in your spiritual practices when you're designed to RUN and SOAR
    • Experience confusion about what a Christian Witch is or what a Christian Witch does
    • Are unaware of the deities you work with, and who your Spirit Team is
    • Live a muggle's life not knowing who you are or your innate powers
    There's a whole new world waiting for you as an Initiate into the Magickal Arts & Sciences. Living the magickal life means you:
    • Manifest with greater speed than ever (because you're connected and aligned through your spiritual practices)
    • Meditate better than ever (so you experience a peaceful clear mind that ALWAYS knows what's right for you)
    • Have greater POWER than EVER
    • Have greater KNOWLEDGE than EVER (about magick, the Bible, and Christ, including the hidden codes in his message that were revealed to Mary Magdalene)
    • Know which deities you work with, how to communicate with them clearly and easily, on every matter in your life, from food to sex to money, and most important: your spiritual unfoldment
    • Have a laboratorium (sacred space) in your home for devotion to your deities 
    • Have a shrine for your ancestral spirits in your home
    • Have communication with spirits of the land where you are
    • Have a profound connection with your Spirit Team: the guides, ancestors, birth angels, and archangels who tend you and work for and with you
    • Have DOMINION in your world by ruling as the Magickal Badass you are created to be
    • Have no concern whatsoever about what 'they' think because you are so attuned to your soul
    Initiation is a step for the ready, willing and able... a step that will rinse away the darkness and shatter illusions that blind us to our greatness. You're created by Mother Father God to be a supernova, a magnificent manifestation of divine power.
    You're a Witch.
    The days of fear are over.

  • What would you be doing if you EMBODIED and lived your entire existence as a FULL BLOWN, POWERFUL, UNAPOLOGETIC WITCH?

    I was afraid to be a FULL BLOWN WITCH

    I grew up in a Fundamentalist Christian household that damned witches, magick, ghosts, spirits of any kind, paranormal activity and anything outside of the realm of the third dimension as demonic activity, spurred on by the devil.


    Of course, this is not so. Even still, it took me years to EXIT THE BROOM CLOSET and LIVE my entire existence as a FULL BLOWN, UNAPOLOGETIC WITCH.


    I stopped hiding... myself and my Tarot decks. I stopped being engulfed in fear. I stopped being overly concerned about people who didn't understand my path.


    I'm free. I desire to share the freedom path with anyone and everyone who's inclined to walk it.

  • You are loved and appreciated as the Witch you are.


    Thank you for exploring Initiation as a Christian Witch and joining forces with the many Witches from all over the world who have attended the Mystery School in a magickal location (Salem, New Orleans, Sedona, etc.) or taken online classes and coursework for Initiation.


    Always remember this: you're a Witch.


    This high honor and calling comes with rights, privileges and responsibilities. You get to live FREE of judgment, fear, self-doubt and ALL limitations as a powerful magickal practitioner.


    Are you ready to answer the call?


    Blesssed Be

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