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    For those of us who love Christ and the Craft and are unwilling to give up either...

  • Welcome & Blessed Be

    When I arrived on the planet, little did I know what an adventure my soul had gotten me into...

    As a tiny tot in my grandmother's railroad apartment in Harlem, USA (where I lived with my younger brother, my mom and beloved grandpa) I saw spirits, communed with otherworldly entities and generally spent most of my time 'daydreaming' as they called it... (I was likely somewhere off on the astral plane) anyhoo...


    My mom became a devout Jehovah's Witness when I was 4, so 3 was the last birthday, and holiday, we celebrated. With a quickness, everything I was seeing became the 'devil.'


    It wasn't until 26 years later that I was able to break free of the cult and step squarely onto the heroine's journey that is my magickal life on this 3rd dimensional plane of existence.


    Yes, I'm a Christian Witch (you can hear all about my unceremonious exit from the broom closet in the now infamous video below). More importantly, I'm here on a soul mission to INSPIRE you to unapologetically bellow (Tarzan style) the song of your soul, and live it like you got no tomorrow.


    Yep, that's my job. On any given day you can find me on YouTube, or on retreat, or in the Enlightenment Circle. (I linked all these up below for you in ReSources).


    With that said, WELCOME HOME WITCHY WONDER... we have been waiting for you.

  • "Confessions of a

    Christian Witch"

    has launched!

    The tell-all mesmerizing story of a Christian Witch who escaped the cult of Jehovah's Witnesses, to fulfill her calling and destiny as a Christian Witch. Read the gritty, gory details of how former regular pioneer was disfellowshipped from the J.W.'s only to ascend to a magickal, mystical life as a Christian Witch. Available on Amazon.com

    "40 Money Mantras"

    40 Days to Wealth Consciousness

    For Witches, Wizards, Lightworkers, Healers and anyone who is READY to experience WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS NOW. Written by practicing Christian Witch, Author & Tarot Reader Rev. Valerie Love. EnJOY!!! Available on Amazon

    P.S. - Be sure to watch the YouTube Playlist for EACH DAY's mantra (40 vids in all!!!) HERE

  • ReSources for Christian Witches

    ReSources to make blatantly clear you are not alone on your walk as a Christian Witch.

    Truth be told, it's older than time, but that's a story for another day...

    Oh and btw, check back often, new reSources added regularly...

    YouTube Vids

    Vids We love!

    Vids from 'kick-a' Witches who don't take no tea for the fever:

    Christian Witch's Creed

    a creed for christian witches

    I wrote this creed to unstifle my tortured soul... I was 'in a way'... totally conflicted through and through... inside my being was a Witch on one side (arms folded), and a Christian on the other (hands in prayer), one was my birth signature (I was born a Witch), and the other was born of my love affair with the Ascended Master Christ... neither was giving, and neither was leaving.


    So I HAD to find a solution, an integration, an internal peace-making. That's when my creed was born. I shared it online, for any other Christian Witches who may have found themselves living with a tortured soul like me.


    Use the creed or dare to write your own MANIFESTO of Christian Witchery!!! Remember, you're the boss of you.

    Recommended Books


    I've read hundreds, if not thousands, of books on spirituality, Wicca, the Craft, Magick and Metaphysicis. Here are books I've found helpful, insightful, useful and/or interesting or at least mildly amusing, along with books that are recommended by others on the path of the Christian Witch:

    More ReSources

    we got you covered witchy wonder

    If the idea of having a bunch of magickal beings around you EVERY DAY, LIVE, that you can VIBE WITH, be yourself with, learn from, grow with and otherwise ASCEND your ever-loving soul, curls your toes, then the Enlightenment Circle could be the space for you...

    • The Enlightenment Circle by KAISI & Friends - Daily coaching, insight, inspiration,  revelation, aha's, tears, belly laughs and more in the very UNSCRIPTED, no-holds-barred, anything is up for discussion Enlightenment Circle. Your life will never be the same...

    Valerie Love - KAISI's YouTube channel is practical spirituality for the irreverent Christian Witch who cares not what people think of you... let's do this...

    • YouTube Channel - when you hop over to watch, smash that like button babyyyyy!!!!!! Smash that share button babyyyyy!!! And remember to SUBSCRIBE and RING THE BELL so you know when we go LIVE.
    What's that you say? You're ready to get away on soul-stirring retreats all over the globe?!? OK, now that's what I'm talkin' bout!!!!!! Hop on over to see what deliciousness we're cooking up for you in our global retreats:
    The Christian Witches Blog on Patreon for our family members there features PUBLIC POSTS for all who'd like to see. This is one such post:

    Join the Community

    we're cooking up deliciousness for you...

    To join the community on Patreon, and have behind-the-scenes exclusive access to goodies we only share with family members, go here:

    • The Patreon Community - New Moon and Full Moon prayers especially crafted for the Christian Witch, rituals, vids and Q&A LIVE SESSIONS for community members only...

    Intriguing Deliciousess Online

    spaces & places online that are about something real

    One of my FAVE blogs is Bad Witches from the Queen of Bad Witch Kingdom herself, Ms. Carolyn Elliott (effin love her) and the good news is, I've had the opportunity to write for the blog so while you're over there gettin' your BAD WITCH on, hop on over to:

    I found this online by synchronicity and the urge is to share it with you, so I will:
    Podcasts on Magick that I LOVE (these are not necessarily Witchy podcasts, they're podcasts on Magick, the paranormal and whole lot more)
    • Glitch Bottle - probably my all time fave podcast - GREAT conversations
    • Rune Soup - really nice podcast with great questions and great guests


  • The Covenant of Christian Witches

    Mystery School

    in the

    Solomonic Tradition

    Established October 1, 2018 in Salem, Massachusetts, USA

    at the

    Christian Witches Retreat


    what we're about

    To experience and express BLISS as Witches, Wizards and Mages of all ages; to inspire, teach, share wisdom, and support Magickal beings in owning and embracing magick, practicing magick and utilizing magick as a path to SELF-REALIZATION (also known as THE GREAT WORK/ALCHEMY OF THE SOUL​). To tool, equip and inspire Witches, Wizards and Magickal Beings to be MASTERS of both the spiritual and material realms. The Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery school exists for FREEDOM​.


    founding of the school

    The Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School in the Solomonic Tradition (CCW) was founded on October 1, 2018 in Salem, Massachusetts, USA at the Christian Witches Retreat. The school is a traveling school and held its first classes in Salem (though it is not housed in Salem).  Our first classes were held at the famous Hawthorne Hotel, reputed to be the most haunted hotel in Salem (quite a few spirits showed up to the school's opening...)


    ccw is a traveling school

    CCW travels the globe to magickal, mystical 'hotspots' such as Salem, Sedona, Bali, Egypt, India, New Orleans and more.


    Classes are held globally, at Christian Witches retreats and events worldwide. We LOVE field trips!!!


    upcoming ccw dates & locations

    Because CCW is a traveling school (until a campus is secured), visit HERE to find out more about the upcoming class dates and locations for where these classes will be held and the curriculum for the locations and dates.


    CCW curriculum & coursework

    Our curriculum is a rigorous one, designed to assure the aspirant has the appropriate breadth and depth of Hermetic Law along with the appropriate intentions to follow this path of the Soul successfully, and not be eaten alive by the dangers on the path...


    Foundations is the first level of CCW, and consists of 40 Foundational Lessons that are critical for any Witch, Wizard and/or Magician to grasp as we embark on the magickal path. Additional Coursework is offered at our retreats and events to give our students a well-rounded understanding of the Magickal Arts & Sciences.


    no armchair magicians

    At CCW one of our biggest tenets is to actually practice magick (not just talk about practicing). In order to do so, we offer our students the inspiration, encouragement, community, reSources and support to successfully practice magick in the Solomonic Tradition.


    So study, prepare yourself AND your magickal implements, and let's practice MAGICK!


    Blessed Be

  • Christian Witches Retreats

    Here's when and where you can become a student of CCW

    (or just hang out with an amazing bunch of bordering on wicked Witches, Wizards & Mages of all ages...


    Christian Witches Retreat in Sedona, AZ

    December 5-7, 2018

    This December, you're invited to the next LIVE CLASSES of the Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School in the Solomonic Tradition (CCW)


    As you know, CCW curriculum is ONLY TAUGHT IN PERSON.


    Save the date and prepare for a vibrationally electrifying experience in Sedona... raising your vibration, discovering Magick and acquiring magickal implements.


    Your Soul is calling...


    Find out all the juicy details & register HERE


    Ayahuasca Experience in Peru

    February, 2019

    In February 2018 Val traveled to Peru for Ayahuasca ceremonies and returned a different woman, with a new name... KAISI.


    Now we get to return to this magickal land for a very express purpose: to peel back the layers of personality to reveal the splendor of the soul.


    While we're there, you'll get to connect with the magick of Peru and beyond in the ceremonies with the powerful plant teacher, Mother Ayahuasca.


    No holds barred.


    No wimps.


    No punks.


    No curiosity seekers.


    This experience is for you ONLY if you KNOW you are called to this mind-washing plant healer and teacher for your healing, magickal walk on planet earth, and your service to souls everywhere.


    (Applications will open in November.)

    New Orleans

    Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School in NOLA

    August, 2019

    "Every time I've gone to New Orleans, from as far back as the '80's, I've had to tear myself away.

    The Magick in my blood keeps bringing back to this place."



    As you know, New Orleans is RIFE with Magick and we LOVE IT.


    In 2018, KAISI and members of the Enlightenment Circle traveled to New Orleans for HexFest ("a weekend of Witchery in Old New Orleans", the conference put on each year by Christian Day & Brian Cain). It's a BLAST.


    We ate, drank, laughed, expanded and deepened relationships in the Magickal community globally with some of the most Magickal beings in New Orleans and the AH-MA-ZING Souls who flew in from all around the country and globe.


    Join us for classes in the Mystery School in the mystical, Magickal, VooDoo, Vamp capital of the world... New Orleans. No place like it to get your Witchy on.


    If you'd like to attend HexFest, we're not affiliated, yet I wholeheartedly recommend it!!!

    Get your tix for HexFest 2019 HERE.


    The Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School will be meeting for class the week following HexFest (so you get to do both (-;)


    (Registration Info Coming in the New Year.)

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