• Amazing New Podcast Witches!

    I'm honored to be a guest on the Better Witch Podcast hosted by Aly Kravetz aka the Bronx Witch, founder and creator of the Bronx Witch Headquarters & Bodega. This is a brand spanking new Witchy podcast to help us all be better witches... who doesn't love that!


    What if you could be Magickal AND Christian?

    Ever since I can remember, I was magickal, even with no languaging for it.

    I knew things. I saw things. I was strange.

    And I loved it.


    It's taken me decades to peer deep inside myself and discover that none of this is wrong, or not supposed to be. It's perfect. DIVINELY perfect.


    All my wierdness, strangeness, black-sheepness and inclinations to go opposite of the herd paid off. Big time.


    I cannot say it wasn't without hard knocks. There were hard knocks galore. And I can't tell you the unfolding of the soul we're all here to engage and embrace like white on rice is easy.


    It ain't.


    All I can say is:



    Worth every tear I cried because of not 'fitting in.'

    Worth every scornful look from relatives and friends who didn't 'get' me and had strong ideas on what I should be doing with my life.

    It's worth every risk to be ME. No one else. SIMPLY ME.


    That's what this destination on the web is about.



    Your Witchy Self AND your Christian Self.



    If you're a soul who loves Christ and the Craft, you're home here.

    If you feel strange about it, rest assured there are thousands like us around the globe and growing.


    If you're ready to learn and embrace the magick inherent in the Christ presence, let's do this.


    You're home.

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