It's Time to Re-Think EVERYTHING You Learned About the Bible...

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The Bible Is NOT What You Think It Is

This morning while doing research for the next episode of the Forbidden Knowledge series on YouTube titled Christians, You've Been Lied To I was arrested by the information in the vid I'll share with you later in this blog post on the shocking truth about characters in the Bible.

But first, 2 important items must be addressed...

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Item #1: I don't give credence to people just because they pop up on a feed.

I accord honor and respect to people who do their research (usually over many decades), know what they're talking about, and can convey valuable, life-transforming information in an easily digestable way. Ralph Ellis gained my respect by his 30 years of deep research into the stories, history and lands of the Bible to make the connection between histsory and theology. It's fascinating stuff, but fascination is not enough when it comes to matters of the soul and getting to the TRUTH. We peer past fascination, to the heart of the matter, and no one does that quite like Ralph.

Item #2: Suspend everything you think you know about the Bible.

What you are about to be introduced to in the following video will not mesh well with old, stale beliefs that have no basis in TRUTH. It's hard to give up our beloved beliefs, especially about Jesus, God and the nature of reality. We've had them for so long. We've found some level of identity in what we believe.

Then along comes someone like Ralph with evidence and facts that cannot be denied. If you don't take a moment to suspend everything you think you know about the Bible, the info in this video will be too shocking and foreign to digest.

Duly warned, here goes... (see below for a couple of considerations for Christian Witches). It's over 2 hours, so get comfy.

Astrology In The Bible

If you're like me, you know the Bible contains magick, mysticism, astrology and more. This vid proves it. Jesus owned an astrological mandala (that kind of information would have never been taught in church). There are pictures to concur with Ralph's research.

I'm half shocked at what he reveals in this vid and half not shocked at all. I always knew the Bible was magickal, I just didn't always have the smoking gun to prove it. After this vid, there will be no doubt in anyone's mind that astrology is contained throughout the Bible and was the basis of religion in the ancient world (and still is today).

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Let us know your thoughts...

After watching the vid, let us know your thoughts on who Jesus was, the super wealth of Mary Magdalene, the relationship between her and Jesus, why Persian astrologers appeared at the birth of Jesus, how we can trace the exodus to Egypt (but for very different reasons than those taught in church), the astrology of the Bible and more facts and history about the Bible than you can shake a broom stick at (pardon the pun, I couldn't resist).

Check out Ralph Ellis' website HERE and his YouTube channel HERE.

Enjoy Witches, and let us hear from you in the comments below...

Love & CW Blessings!

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