Christians: You've Been Lied To...

The Forbidden Knowledge Series

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Christians Have Been Lied To...

With all due respect to all people of all faith walks and religions, a bit of research will show up lies in the Christian faith... lies we must address if we're to become the fully self-realized beings we are born to be.

Many Christians have no idea of the origins of the Christian faith, an understandable fact for any age prior to the information age. Back in the day, few were literate, access to books was reserved for the wealthy, and the masses got all their information from what was read to them.

Not so today. We have a plethora of info at our fingertips. Any ignorance today is willful. This blog post exists NOT to malign Christians or any other religion or group of people. I'm a minister and have no interest in maligning anyone or anything.

This blog post exists for one reason and one reason only: to bring TRUTH to the LIGHT. That's it. After I've done my job from a space of love and inspiration, I release it to the universe and let everyone take it how they may.

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If you're asking a question we've received a lot over the years: why are you talking about Christians when you're a Christian Witch? Doesn't everything you say about Christians apply to Christian Witches? Excellent question.

Christian, for me, means being Christ-like and does not mean adherence to a man-made religion. This blog post addresses Christianity as an invented religion.

With that said, let's proceed...

Who Invented Christianity?

Nicene Christianity was invented by the Romans, who were bloodthirsty, and whose culture deemed pedophilia acceptable. It's not an accident that Catholic priests continue the custom to this day.

If you're not Catholic, you may say that your brand of Christianity doesn't support bloodthirst or pedophilia, except that we must understand that all Christianity, as practiced today (not the original practices of Christ) issued forth from the belly of the Holy Roman Empire (aka the Catholic Church). Of course, I don't ask you to believe what's offered here. Do the research.

Here's a video on the subject:

What Christians Believe

The worship of Jesus as a God was an invented notion. The concept of the Trinity is also invented by humans. This is not to say that any of these concepts are bad. They're not. They're simply invented and were not bought to us by Christ.

I share the beginnings of where the Christian religion took form (hundreds of years after Christ) in the following vid. The Nicene Council was pivotal to the formation of the beliefs of the early Christian Church. If you've never read the Nicene Creed, it's widely available online, and well worth the quick read.

The doctrine of the Christian Church was created by a group of men (and no women, which is a heresy in and of itself) who met behind closed doors and emerged with rules for everyone to follow in "this is what you believe" fashion.

This video gives you more detail...

What About Christ?

Many who follow the Christian faith may be surprised to discover more about the original Christ, who was a far cry from the religion we have today (even though it's named after him.

Every Christian could benefit from reading "16 Crucified Saviors: Or, Christianity Before Christ" (can be read online here). Nearly all 16 of the crucified saviors are of an immaculate birth.

Once again, your belief is not required, nor your agreement sought. This can be easily researched, yet I fear many do not desire to dig too deep, as it may upset the apple cart of their beliefs. Digging deep isn't convenient. When I emerged from the dogma of my former religious beliefs and entered spirituality, I opted to discard a boatload of beliefs that did nothing other than weigh me down.

The video is here:

Where to Go Next & Conclusions

Soon, the Forbidden Knowledge series will be available in a new book "Christians: You've Been Lied To." Until then, catch the video series on YouTube here.

The conclusion: STUDY TO SHOW THYSELF APPROVED. Believe NOTHING. Only seek the KNOW TRUTH.

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."

John 8:32 (DARBY)

Love & CW Blessings!

Rev. Valerie Love (aka KAISI)

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