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Your 6-Part Birth Code

Your entry point into this 3rd dimensional reality was carefully selected and orchestrated by your soul and Source. NOTHING about your birth, including timing and location, was random.

Since the soul took great care to determine the date, time and circumstances of birth, we must conclude that birth information is invaluable to the spiritual path and thus, one’s ultimate destiny.

There are 6 pieces of birth information I find vitally important, and have been teaching on my YouTube channel for years. They are:

This is an excerpt from my book How to Be a Christian Witch

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  1. Galactic Signature
  2. Numerology
  3. Tarot Birth Cards
  4. Western Astrology
  5. Eastern Astrology
  6. Birthday Psalm

I would also add to this list your Birth Angels, which I personally find fascinating (though not included in the book How to Be a Christian Witch. I'm feeling the inspiration to write a book on Angel Magick and the role angels play in the life of a Christian Witch, which should be coming in future months.)

For now, we'll focus on 1 aspect of your birth code: your Galactic Signature.

Note: it may be a good idea to acquire a new grimoire or spiritual journal for the purpose of decoding yourself and recording your reflections and revelations.

Galactic Signature

Ever since I first discovered Galactic Signatures and Mayan Astrology over 13 years ago in a full moon circle with Manifest Ra in Washington, DC, I’ve been entranced.

I have not found a system of astrology that so thoroughly speaks to my soul and reads me in every direction like the Galactic Signature and the Fifth Force Oracle.

I realize that this may sound like Greek, so I’ll offer 2 resources to start you off on this most delicious and compelling path. First, decode yourself by discovering your Galactic Signature based on your date of birth here.

I'll use my Galactic Signature to illustrate how to decode yourself.

Your results will look like this:

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There are several pieces of information to give attention to and reflect/meditate on:

  1. Your moon: which month of the 13 moons were you born in? I was born in the Electric Moon.
  2. Your year: the cosmic energy of the year you were born in. I was born in the year of the Yellow Galactic Seed.
  3. Your kin number: mine is 234. There are 260 kin, based on the 13:20 calendar which consists of 13 tones and 20 solar seals (or tribes). 13 x 20 = 260, so there are 260 possible combinations. This would mean that no Galactic Signature kin number could be higher than 260.
  4.  Your solar seal and tone: expressed with the tone in the middle of the solar seal (or tribe). I am tone 13, which is the Cosmic tone. I am White Wizard, of the Truth clan. Therefore, my Galactic Signature is expressed as White Cosmic Wizard.
  5. Your 5 or 6 line mantra: there are 3 key words that are associated with your tone and 3 more words associated with your solar seal. The 3 words for the cosmic tone are: endure, presence and transcend. The 3 words for White Wizard are: timelessness, enchant and receptivity. Together, these 6 words are woven together into a beautiful mantra expressing the song of your soul.

I realize this may all sound like quite a lot to take in at once, especially if you're completely new to the idea of Galactic Signatures and Mayan astrology. I promise you, it grows on you. The more you immerse yourself in the cosmic meaning of your arrival in this dimension, the more will be revealed to you, and the more you'll be aligned with the synchronic order. This is a beautiful thing.

How to Understand Your Galactic Signature

There are 2 ways to land at deep understanding (innerstanding) of your Galactic Signature:

  1. Meditation
  2. Study

If you're like me, you're super curious about your soul and your path on the planet. This is a driving force. We could call it 'seeking' or a divine urge toward truth. The more attuned you are to this divine compulsion, the deeper you'll dig within yourself (and the phenomenal world) for meaning. You'll find it, if you keep searching.

The best way I've found to understand the Galactic Signature and its embedded code is to meditate on EVERY WORD for YEARS. Yes, I said years, cuz that's how long it takes to crack the code, if I'm being honest with you, and that's all I can be.

I'm not implying it will take years to understand any of it. I'm offering that it may take years to understand all of it, if it's even to be understood in its entirety.

I meditated on each word in my 5 line mantra for a very long time, and still do. As a start, you could take the first word in the mantra and spend a week with it.

Continuing with my Galactic Signature as an example, the first word to meditate on would be ENDURE. Here's an example of how you could work with each word:

  1. Write the word over and over and over in the journal or grimoire you acquired for this purpose.
  2. Look up the meaning of the word in several dictionaries. What's the root or etymogoly of the word?
  3. What does the word mean to you? What has been your experience with the word?
  4. Write out all that occurs to you. Go deep. Treasures do not lie on the surface (otherwise everyone would have them and they wouldn't be worth pursuing at all).

Onling Reading for Your Galactic Signature

After decoding yourself by receiving your Galactic Signature, type the result into a new browser window. For my Galactic Signature, I’ll open a browser and type in the words ‘White Cosmic Wizard.’

The first result should be a full reading from the website Astro Dream Advisor on that particular Galactic Signature. Read the full page and take careful notes in your grimoire. This is your soul speaking to you. I've found that the readings from Astro Dream Advisor are comprehensive and accurate. Judge for yourself and see what it adds to your understanding.

Here's a vid of me explaining all this and more on my YouTube channel:

Time is ART

A huge blessing of decoding myself has been the energetic erasure of an adversarial relationship with time. I was always late, in an attempt to 'beat the clock.' I was losing. The clock was winning. I was stressed, anxious and found myself rushing most of the time. I had a perpetual feeling of being 'behind.'

In the 13-Moon calendar teachings, it is understood that in artificial time (12:60 & the Gregorian calendar) 'time is money' and leads to destruction/decimation of natural resources. In natural time (13:20) time is ART.

Discovering, studying and an intentional habit of embodying the essence of my Galactic Signature, along with spiritual practice, meditation and soul evolution freed me from the frenzy of artificial time. I now feel harmonized and aligned with the cosmos, allowing sychronicity to spontaneously fulfill desires and manifest the best.

If you have any of the issues I've had, or simply desire to be in greater harmonic alignment with the cosmos, decoding yourself may be a gateway to greater ascension.

Blessed be,

KAISI (aka Rev. Valerie Love)

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