Welcome to your Initiation in 2023!


    This is going to be an AMAZING year for you in the Mystery School with other Witches who are COMMITTED to being the true Self.


    To begin prepping for your magickal year leading up to your initiation,

    take these steps now. You'll find steps for BOTH the Self-Initiation program and the Temple of Ma'at Initiation on this page.


    1. IMPORTANT: Text the word CCW2023 to this number: (844) 947-6730 to receive updates for students, access to your classes, and to be able to text us if you have customer service issues and/or questions about payments or any other issue.


    2. IMPORTANT: Access your lessons, new Witchy community and live classes HERE. Create your account and you're in!


    If you have ANY questions or require customer support, TEXT us on (844) 947-6730 (please note, the texting system will only recognize you if you've sent the above text to us FIRST).


    Remember to text CCW2023 to be added to the texting system as a 2023 student and receive all important updates.


    Welcome home & Blessed Be!


    We're overjoyed at you being with us in the Mystery School.