Welcome to the Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School Witchy Wonder!


    This is going to be an AMAZING year for you in the Mystery School with other Witches who are COMMITTED to being the authentic Self.


    To begin prepping for your magickal year leading up to your initiation,

    take these steps now. You'll find steps for BOTH the Self-Initiation program and the Temple of Ma'at Initiation on this page.


    1. Text the word CCW2022 to the number (844) 947-6730 to receive updates for students, access to your classes, and to be able to text us if you have customer service issues and/or questions about payments.


    2. Access the Initiates ONLY Group on WhatsApp HERE. WhatsApp is a free messaging app we use for announcements, critical updates, answering questions and providing you with support.


    3. Open a free Schoology account HERE. Sign up as a student. This is where you will access FOUNDATIONS, the 40 lessons of the Mystery School. The lessons are released to you as we go through the year at a rate of 1-4 lessons per month for class discussion.


    4. Access the Class Schedule and Orientation by using this code in Schoology: 



    5. If you're in the Temple of Ma'at, your  next step is to complete your aplication HERE. (Please note, this application is for those who are in the Temple of Ma'at ONLY. Self Initiates are not required to complete this application.) Once your application is completed, we will contact you to schedule your interview.


    If you have ANY questions, TEXT us on (844) 947-6730 (please note, the texting system will only recognize you if you've sent the above text to us FIRST).


    Remember to text CCW2022 to be added to the texting system as a 2022 student.


    Welcome home Witch & Blessed Be!


    We're overjoyed at you being with us in the Mystery School.

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