Learn Bible Magick & More...

    Here are the newest virtual classes from the Christian Witches Mystery School. Classes are open to all willing learners. You don't have to be a Christian Witch to join us in class and learn. Access secrets of Bible Magick, Crystal Magick & Angel Magick and watch your life soar.

    "Study to show thyself approved."

    2 Timothy 2:15

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    7 Spells That Unlock Secrets of the Bible For Powerful Magick & Witchcraft


    Bible Magick & Witchcraft including scriptures, ingredients and instructions of working spells for ascension & integration, love, banishment of unwanted or crossed conditions, money attraction and wealth expansion and more.

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    How to Work With the 10 Archangels of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life for Astounding Results

    If you're ready to engage


    to know, contact and work with the 10 Archangels of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and the legions they command, this class is for you.

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    How to Use 22 Bible Crystals For Health, Wealth, Love & Destiny

    In this class we delve into CRYSTAL MAGICK

    and specifically the crystals of Aaron's energetic technology as he entered the Most Holy, and the meaning of the stones from a Biblical perspective. Perfect for practicing Christian Witches!