Christian Witches Has a New Home!


    Christian Witches now has a new online home for our community! Away from the crazy comments of social media! You are welcome to join this online community! This home is open to all Christian Witches, Christo Pagans, Bible Magicians, Occultists and anyone who loves discussing and practicing the Christ and the Craft, the Mystery Teachings of Christ, Magick, and the Occult Sciences. The community is free and is a safe space away from social media (thank the Goddess) to enjoy real connection and community with a worldwide Circle of practitioners.



    Text the word Circle to (844) 947-6730

    You'll receive a link via text for INSTANT ACCESS to the Circle.


    Here's what you'll find inside the Circle:

    Fellow Witches

    Commune with other Witches and other Magickal Practitioners from varying paths and practices, all aligned with what we do here at Christian Witches. We're a huge global community, so it's time to meet your fellow practitioners!


    A growing vault of resources for your spiritual exploration and awakening as a Christian Witch. This path is not always easy. It can be daunting to learn all the magick you desire to practice. Others may not understand your walk. It's all okay. We have resources to support & sustain.

    Events & Rituals

    We love our rituals, especially when it comes to honoring the Moon cycle. Full Moon and New Moon rituals are mainstays for Witches. We conduct rituals, as well as offer paid and free classes in the Circle. This year, we're introducing the Christian Witches Book Club... you'll find out about all events once you enter the Circle...
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