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    Chichen Itza

    Venture with us to the ancient city of Chichen Itza, one of the 7 wonders of the world... not simply because it's spectacularly breath-taking, but because of the astronomical precision of the ancient Maya that causes an event that ONLY happens twice per year: on the Spring Equinox and the Fall Equinox... the descent of the God


    Serpent of Light & Shadow


    You will behold a phenomena, with thousands of other souls, of supernatural origin. The ancient Maya, a deely spiritual and ritualistic culture, were connected to the stars and built this city with the precision of modern day scientists without the instruments of today.




    You get to discover and unfold the mysteries of the Maya for yourself.


    Why on the Spring Equinox?


    You're a magickal being. You understand the spiritual and ritual significance of the Spring Equinox, when all seemingly opposing energies are perfectly balanced and harmonized:


    Day & Night

    The Shadow Self & The Light Self

    The Conscious Mind & The Unconscious Mind

    Masculine & Feminine


    There's a secret of ancient ritual grounds and spiritually charged hot spots that causes our community in the Mystery School to enter these cosmic portals all over the globe...


    What's the secret?

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    The Secret

    By simply immersing yourself in the energy of these ancient ritual grounds and spiritually charged hot spots, you emerge DIFFERENT... many times without active work on your part, or even conscious awareness of what's taking place.


    Effects we've observed from immersing self in a potent and charged energy field:

    • Radical and immediate shifts in consciousness causing awareness of the root cause of negative issues in one's life, and what to do about them.
    • Eradication of pain in the body temple (this is not to be construed as medical advice).
    • Elimination of emotional debris, old hurts and wounds through instantaneous healing of the emotional body.
    • Raised frequency leading to higher vibrational manifestations.
    • Letting go of the past through a sudden surge of forgiveness.
    • Compassion, love and kindness spontaneously emerging.
    • A sense of oneness with the entire cosmos.
    • Clarity on life purpose and what steps to take next.
    • Awareness of ancestral patterns and how to clear the bloodline.
    • Release of guilt, shame, unworthiness and even grief.
    • Emergence of unprecendented divine connection and communication with spirit realms.
    • Retrieval of yet another 'Destiny Marker' placed on the planet by your soul before you were born.
    • Clearing of past life karma, vows of poverty and canceling out of unconscious words uttered in past lives that may still be active (and hence causing adverse experiences in the current incarnation).
    • More than we can say here.
    These have been our experiences, and more. Your experiences can vary vastly. You may have the above experiences, or completely different experiences.
    Because we will be on this ancient ritual ground on the Spring Equinox, you can expect to receive all the spiritual benefits of ritual work done at this most sacred and potent time of year.
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    The Event

    Here's how the event will unfold:


    Friday - Sunday

    March 19-21, 2021


    You arrive in Merida, Mexico on Friday afternoon.


    Friday evening we come together as a group to set intentions for the weekend and engage in our opening ritual.


    Saturday morning you enjoy breakfast before we depart for the ride to the ancient city of Chichen Itza.


    We arrive at Chichen Itza and have a guided tour with our knowledgeable guide detailing the rituals and ruins of the ancient Mayan city.


    You enjoy lunch and shopping (if you like).


    In the afternoon, at about 4:30 PM local time, we behold the descent of the Serpent of Light & Shadow on the pyramid on the Spring Equinox.


    After the spectacle, we depart Chichen Itza on our tour bus.


    Dinner with friends.


    Sunday morning we engage in a morning inspirational experience and debriefing before completing our event at 12 Noon local time.


    You fly home on Sunday afternoon, or stay with us for the next event.

    (The"Your Book in 5 Days" Authors Retreat starts on Monday, 3/22 and goes to Friday, 3/26. Find out more here.)


    You return home FOREVER CHANGED and READY for your new life as your most


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    Your Sherpa

    Rev. Valerie Love is the author of 20 books on practical spirituality, Magick, the occult and Christian Witchcraft. As an initiated Christian Witch, she is the founder of the Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School (known as CCW for short) and has the honor of leading retreats and soul sojourns all over the globe, including:


    Dubai - Quantum Leap Dubai

    Peru - Ayahuasca Experience

    Bali - Your Book in 5 Days

    Sedona - Epic Manifestation & Mystery School

    Salem - Mystery School

    New Orleans - Mystery School


    For her own soul's ascension, she's traveled the world to spiritual hotspots and energetically charged spaces to vibe and rise to the work she's ordained to do on the planet, including:




    Hong Kong







    Puerto Rico


    Named 'KAISI' by Mother Ayahuasca, she's never taken a group of souls where she herself has not gone. As Spirit's Sherpa, you can be certain KAISI is the divine shepherd appointed to guide you on this most holy and sacred soul sojourn.

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    Important Particulars

    This event is ONLY for those who are committed to their spiritual growth, soul ascension and quantum leaps. Therefore, when you make the commitment to attend and register, please know there are no refunds.


    If you have any issues after registering that preclude you from attending, email our office immediately: Magick@ChristianWitches.com so that we can discuss options with you. You may be eligible to apply a portion of your registration to a future Mystery School event.


    We love working with our peeps to come to solutions that work for all.

    What we require of you is to be committed to your Self.


    This is a Mystery School event. You will meet other students. That means more magickal friends. YAAAY!!!


    Due to the nature of the Mystery School and our events, we do not disclose where we will be staying or the rituals we engage in, or any information that is privy to students only.


    As this is a ritual event, wearing all white for the weekend is recommended though not required.


    Your tuition for this event includes:

    Friday evening group event.

    Transportation from our hotel to Chichen Itza.

    Entrance Fee to Chichen Itza.

    Guided Tour.

    Return transportation from Chichen Itza to our hotel.

    Sunday morning inspiration experience.


    If you choose the Luxe Package, your tuition also includes:

    All of the above.

    Accommodations for 2 nights at our hotel (Friday & Saturday nights).

    Full breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings with KAISI.

    2 1-on-1 Private Sessions with Rev. Valerie Love (can be used for Readings, Spiritual Life Coaching or Money & Wealth Magick Coaching)

    A welcome gift in your room.


    In both packages, you are responsible for airfare, transfers to and from the airport, and your meals other than those listed here.


    Once you're registered, you will receive a TRAVEL INFO EMAIL.




    We thank you for understanding.


    Ready to register?


    Excellent! Here are your 2 options:

  • Registration

    Behold the descent of the Serpent of Light & Shadow on the Spring Equinox at the ancient Mayan ritual city of Chichen Itza.

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    Friday evening group event.

    Transportation from our hotel to Chichen Itza.

    Entrance Fee to Chichen Itza.

    Guided Tour.

    Return transportation from Chichen Itza to our hotel.

    Sunday morning inspiration experience.


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    All that's included in the

    Retreat Registration AND...

    Accommodations for 2 nights at our hotel.

    Full breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings with KAISI.

    2 1-on-1 Private Sessions with Rev. Valerie Love.

    A welcome gift in your room.


    Thank you for being a beloved member of the global Christian Witches community and for joining us in the Mystery School as a student of the Magickal Arts & Sciences.
    You are a blessing!
    NOTE: If you're a past or present student of the Mystery School and have attended any of our classes at any time, you're eligible for special student pricing!
    TEXT the word CCW to
    (844) 947-6730
    and you'll receive the registration link for students!

    (Special pricing is for CCW students only.)


    For new and incoming students, register here: