My Challenges With Angel Magick

I was making up a story in my head. This is how it played out...

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Being honest with you, I had challenges with angel magick. Not because I couldn’t speak to angels. I’ve been speaking to spirits since I was 3. I was having challenges because of a conflict I was making up in my head.


The essence of the inner conflict: on one hand was me speaking to spirits and angels as naturally as washing my face, and on the other hand were the ever growing collection of grimoires I was reading:

  • The Greater Key of Solomon the King
  • The Lesser Key of Solomon the King containing the Goetia, Theurgia Goetia, Ars (or Art) Paulina, Ars Almadel, Ars Notoria
  • The Testament of Solomon
  • The Heptameron (or Magical Elements)
  • The Picatrix
  • Arbatel

Besides poring over countless grimoires trying to make heads or tails of it and pull forth enough accurate information (with the correct angelic seals) to practice and not have the whole thing blow up in my face, I was listening to all these amazing magicians on podcasts like Glitch Bottle and Rune Soup and on YouTube channels I love.


I struggled. I thought something was wrong. Why couldn’t I practice magick like this incredible magicians who were clearly in another stratosphere than me. There was no way I could do what they were doing.


Which is precisely the point: I wasn’t supposed to be doing what they were doing.


They had found what worked for them, and it was up to me to work what works for me, and not compare. A great teacher taught me that comparison is a form of ‘self-violence.’

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What Fear Does to a Witch

My magick was simple, with connection to angelic realms and spirits natural and free flowing, even without magick circles, suffimigations, the right incense, the appropriate day and hour, the right altar, barbarous words and the best sigils.

There were a LOT of steps in the magick I was reading and hearing about, which was all good for the ones practicing that kind of magick.

Magick is unique and personal.

Every Witch and magician has their own magick.

My magick had nowhere near that amount of steps or accoutrement, which caused me to unconsciously discount what I was doing. I thought my magick wasn’t up to snuf because it wasn’t as complex and exotic, even though the results were astounding.

It was a classic case of gazing longingly at the greener grass on the other side without looking down to realize that the greenest grass is under my feet.

I was getting hammered by unconscious resistance during the writing of this book. Part of me was saying: if I put my simple magick in a book, people will say ___________.

Who the fuck cares what people will say?

That’s not why I write.

I write and speak because I can’t NOT. It’s my breath, the Divine unction and call of my soul… a space of pure and utter bliss and fulfullment in an alternate reality where I get to be a bad-a Witch, even if I do sometimes confuse myself with being a fearful human.

I do this because this is what I was born to do.

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The inner conflict, fear and unconscious resistance are what I had to get over to even write this chapter.

I couldn’t understand why so much resistance was coming up…

It was because I was afraid. Afraid to be seen. Afraid to let it all out there. Afraid to bare myself to the world and have people take jabs at me. Being totally honest, afraid of 1 star reviews on Amazon (confession is good for the soul, so I’m putting it all out there).

I’m grateful to Source for bringing me through every time I get lost in the thicket of my own thinking.

No matter what we’re experiencing, we have access to Source. Heaven is always available, so that’s where I went.

I did a Full Moon Ritual (see the chapter titled “Confession Water Release Ritual”) on the beach in Puerto Rico where I’m putting the finishing touches on this book. It worked wonders to dissolve and release unconscious tar that was holding my feet in place.

The next morning, I went deep in a meditation to ask what was happening and why the book wasn’t being completed. I felt the strong energy current of this book, and knew the material was Divinely ordained to be shared. This book is filled with what I love. It was clear I was on the right path, yet something was off.


It was my fearful mind. Making shit up.

The Answer

The clear answer from Source: Write your heart and soul. Share your experience. Be authentic. You are priceless to me daughter. I am with you. Fear not. Give your Self. Then release the beauty to the universe with great gratitude. The angels chimed in: we’ll take it from there.


My answer: YES. I can do that God. You have me. All of me.

What You Have Here

Every book I write heals me of issues I didn’t know were still getting me to the degree they are. Revelatory AND fun! The adventure continues!


Thank you for being here with me.


What you have in this book is exactly what I do when it comes to angel magick. If it works for you too, great. If it doesn’t, I know your soul is on a path of discovery that will be rewarded. I’m with you Witch.


Let’s get into it with my story of angel summoning for money...

Peace be unto you!

Rev. Valerie Love (aka KAISI)

Rev. Valerie Love is an ordained minister of spiritual consciousness, author of 19 books on practical spirituality, Christian Witchcraft and the occult and the founding minister of the Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School in the Solomonic Tradition (CCW for short). You're invited to join this global magickal community.

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