What Is Bible Divination?

    To 'divine' means to know the mind of God. To practice Bible Divination is to know the unseen, or occult and/or hidden forces operating in any given situation.

    How Bible Divination is Performed

    The Bible has been used for centuries for divination. It is held to the third eye or heart of the reader while a prayer and intention is uttered. After receiving a clear signal that the answer is ready, the Bible is opened 'randomly' to a page and the index finger of the non-dominant hand is pointed anywhere on the page while the reader's eyes are closed.


    The hand will land on a scripture that when decoded, provides the answers to the querents questions or provides a resolution to their situation.

    Why It Works

    As with all occult practices, INTENTION is vital. The intention of the querent and the desire to receive answers calls forth from infinite consciousness the answers one is seeking. This works with the Bible as it does with any other form of divination that humanity has employed for eons, including reading tea leaves, cowrie shells, bones, pennies, tortoise shells, coffee grinds and countless other forms of divination that have been successfully used for answers to gnarly questions or persistent issues that don't seem to have easy answers.

    Who Performs the Reading

    Readings are conducted by Rev. Valerie Love aka KAISI who has been reading Tarot and practicing divination for over 15 years, working with clients all over the globe. Her readings are practical and actionable. Her deep love of the Bible coupled with her robust Bible knowledge makes for a reading that is comprehensive and accurate.

    How It Works

    Readings are 60 minutes, conducted by Zoom and are recorded. After the reading you're provided with the private recording as well as pictures of the scriptures. If Tarot is required for clarity on any questions, they will be added to the Bible Divination Reading.


    Book your reading below. Once booked, you'll be directed to a calender where you can schedule your appointment.

    How To Prepare

    Be in a quiet space 15-20 minutes prior to your reading appointment time. Cleanse your space with sage. Cleanse yourself with Florida Water or sage. Breathe deeply and meditate on your questions. Invite your spirit team of ancestors, angels, spirit guides and ascended masters to be present in your quest for ultimate knowledge and understanding, as well as solutions.


    Be sure to be in a space that is quiet and where you will enjoy absolute privacy for the entire duration of your reading.

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    Book Your Reading

    Readings are conducted to gain insight into pressing or urgent matters, or issues that have been challenging for you to resolve, or any questions that have gone unanswered. Answers are available to us, and we are intentional about receiving them.


    60 Minute Bible Divination Reading: $197