Your ASHE is Your Magickal SUPERPOWER


You have a sacred magick all your own, which forms your magickal fingerprint. No one else can perform the magick you can, although they may do the exact same spell.

Ashe (also spelled ase) is sacred energy, the energy which underlies the whole universe.

It's a word originating from my ancient African ancestors, who migrated from Kemet (Egypt) westward and carried sacred wisdom with them. Ashe is the power of the cosmos. It is the creative energy of all that is manifest and unmanifest.

The word ashe can be used in many ways. Our spiritual community is a beautiful home to Yoruba Priests and Priestesses, from which I’ve learned much by simply listening, observing and attending a bembe (sacred ritual). One of the things I hear often is the word ashe, used in varying contexts:

  • Ashe - said after a prayer to confirm agreement and completion of the spoken word, much like the word Amen, from ancient Kemet (Egypt).
  • Ashe - said when someone in the community says something powerful and we agree.
  • She has ashe in her voice - said when someone is speaking and their words originate from and are backed by the power of the divine.
  • Ashe - the power of the divine coursing through an individualized expression of God, also known as a soul, and making its presence known through a person.
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I’m sure there are many more ways this broad term could be used. I equate Ashe to:

  • Chi - the vitalizing life force energy that flows throughout the cosmos, including everyone and everything. Chi can be balanced or harmonized in one’s self, home and/or office and other spaces by utilizing the principles of Feng Shui. To me, chi is another way of saying ashe.
  • Prana - a term from India denoting the substantative life force energy moving through all and infusing all with life. Pranic healing is facilitated by healers who are deeply and profoundly in touch with this energy.
  • Ruach - literally means spirit, breath or wind and is considered the spirit or breath of God in a religious context. Ruach is a Hebrew word with a Greek equivalent: pneuma. In the New Testament, pneuma is the Holy Spirit.

Without going too deep into these terms, we’ll stay on topic by understanding their relationship to ashe: all are varying terms for the universal energy creating all, sustaining all and generally powering the entire cosmos. While the energy is undifferentiated, it also courses through everything created, sustaining all life. I think different people in different places give different names for the same thing.

Your Magickal Superpower
Why are we speaking of ashe here? We will refer to ashe, in this context, as your magickal superpower, the unique sacred energy emanating from your soul. Every witch, wizard, warklock and magikal being has a unique way of doing magick. No two are the same, even within the exact same magickal tradition. There are no 2 Yoruba Priestesses alike, just as there are no two Voodoo Priestesses alike.

The same holds true in Christianity. There are no 2 Catholics alike.

And it goes without saying, there are no two Chrisian Witches alike.

While each of the foregoing traditions have rites, rituals and protocols, the actual souls engaging those rites, rituals and protocols are each unique expressions of Source. Therefore, we can surmise that the outcome for each may be slightly or even vastly different.

It’s your job to get in touch with your ashe: the cosmic sacred energy coursing through you as an individual soul. It’s almost as if the cosmic energy is dough (undifferentiated) and each soul is a cookie cutter shape. We shape and mold the energy of the cosmos with the entirety of our consciousness.

Knowing this, an imperative arises: get in touch with your soul and its unique brand of magick (which may be very different from the magick you’ve been practicing… or not).

For me, magick from the soul forms the magickal superpower. Each of us can get in touch with our magickal superpower (ashe) through introspective spiritual practices (meditation, stillness, chanting, yoga, prayer, etc.).

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You’re Superhuman

An example comes to mind. My magickal superpower is being able to easily communicate with higher order spirits (angels, archangels, ascended masters, enlightened ancestors). It’s almost as if these beings are communing with me in normal conversations, without casting circle the first. While I LOVE reading the old grimoires on Solomonic magick and find ceremonial magick as intriguing as can be, my magickal ashe (or superpower) is being able to speak with entities like I speak with humans. The Angel of Death spoke with me the other day, while in my Temple, in a meditative space, no rituals required. I'm not suggesting that the commune with spirits couldn't be enhanced by ritual. I'm saying that there are magickal feats that come to each of us naturally.

We all have superhuman abilities. We all have gifts deposited in the soul before we took human form. It’s time to go within the soul and bring these gifts OUT!

If there’s a desire and decision to take these inherent magickal gifts of the soul to superpower levels, we must develop these gifts by practice and mastery. WE GET TO DO THE WORK.

Nothing comes from nothing. Do nothing, and our inherent soul gifts do not flourish. Nurture the gifts and watch the magick happen!

Your ashe is your unique magickal superpower. Engage it.

Heapfulls of love from my heart to yours Witchy Wonder,

KAISI (aka Rev. Valerie Love)

Head Mistress of the Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School

This is an excerpt from the forthcoming book by Rev. Valerie Love titled: "Spell Crafting for Christian Witches" available in the fall of 2020.