Where I Met My Community by Molly Gilbert

The Christian Witches Convention

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Discovering Christian Witches

When I first found Reverend Valerie and the Christian Witches community, I had just begun the life-changing journey that comes with discovering magic.

Growing up in the suburbs of Alabama, I was scared of the idea of renouncing God to practice the magic that I was so deeply drawn to. I was initially drawn into the community through a YouTube video on the Christian Witches channel, which described how witchcraft and Christianity have always been synergistic. Since then, I abandoned the fear that had kept me from reaching a higher potential.

After two years of religiously keeping up with the Christian Witches on social media, the opportunity to meet my spiritual family appeared with the Christian Witches Convention of 2022. The convention was held in New Orleans, where magic and spirits emanated across the city. As the convention kicked off, I believe that all of us attendees could tell that those few days would change our lives forever.

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My biggest takeaway from the convention was a newfound sense of community. I made friends with many other witches that were also aiming to better themselves and work on their magic. Almost a year later, and I am still in contact with many of the other attendees. We shared spells, insight, and experiences that helped to develop the way that I practice magic. Being a young witch myself, soaking up all of this information from both new and experienced practitioners helped me to prevent certain mistakes and further lay out my personal path. With this, I can’t wait to see my community again in Las Vegas for the 2023 convention.

By Molly Gilbert

Beloved Christian Witches Mystery School Initiate