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    "Sedona Vortex Experiance"

    December 1-4, 2020

    If you have yet to experience the healing power of Sedona's vortex energy,


    Sedona is Calling..

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  • Your Sherpa


    Your Sherpa


    A Sherpa is a guide... one who knows the way and can safely and gently escort others on their own unique path.


    Valerie Love (aka KAISI) is an Ordained Minister of Spiritual Consciousness, a master coach and teacher who has been serving humanity in her destiny for the past 15+ years and is the author of 18 books on practical spirituality, magick and the occult.


    She's blessed to conduct initiations, exorcisms, baby blessings, house clearing services and more in her walk as a magickal being.


    As the Founding Minister of the Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School in the Solomonic Tradition (CCW), and the Ma'at Temple of Love, Light & Truth, she finds raucous joy in creating and inspiring spiritual community!


    Rev. Val travels the world for her soul's unfoldment and ascension, being initiated and inducted into spiritual traditions globally in such locations as Bali, India, Dubai, Peru, China, Hong Kong, Cannes, Paris, Hawaii, Sedona, Salem, New York, New Orleans and more.


    She leads global retreats, including plant medicine experiences, for her beloved spiritual community in Dubai, Peru, Bali, New Orleans, Sedona, Washington D.C., the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia and more.


    Rev. Val's YouTube channel has been viewed by millions and currently has over 56,000 subscribers who tune in to her riveting and often unconventional teachings on magick, money & metaphysics.

    Rev. Valerie Love

    Divine Midwife of Soul's Destiny

    What to know

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  • The Sedona Vortex Experience

    December 1-4, 2020

    Intention for the Program

    The intention of this initiatory program is to equip, tool and inspire magickal beings to serve humanity in harmony with Source, nature and True Will, also known as divine destiny.


    Note: The Sedona Vortex Experience is UNSCRIPTED due to the spontaneous nature of Spirit and all we've experienced in the many years we've been making this soul sojourn (we found it's best to toss the agenda... if you're not okay with that, this is not the retreat for you).



  • Logistics

    Accommodations, Travel Info


    What to Bring


    Where we Stay in Sedona

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    Air Travel

    Flights & Transfers

    If are are traveling by air, please note the closest airport to Sedona is Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.


    There is about an hour and a half drive from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to Sedona (depending upon time of day and traffic).


    Shuttles are available to book in advance by doing a simple search online. Book your travel arrangements to arrive into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport the day before the Mystery School begins so that you have a great night of sleep the night before embarking on this epic soul journey.


    Arrive the night before in Sedona, arise early to prepare to be in class by 8:30 AM. We start promptly at 9 AM with our opening ritual.


    Book your flight to leave Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport AFTER 7 PM local time on December 10th to allow travel time to the airport after class concludes @3 PM and plenty of time to check in at the airport an hour or more before your flight.


    If you are traveling by rail, the Amtrak station closest to Sedona is Flagstaff, AZ (Rev. Val rode the Amtrak from Flagstaff to Los Angeles on one of her sojourns from Sedona and the ride was glorious). The ride from Flagstaff, Arizona to Sedona Arizona is approximately 45-50 minutes. Shuttle service is available for booking in advance with a simple online search.

    What to Bring

    Sedona in December can be cold. The climate is dry. It is the desert. Keep up with weather forecasts in advance of travel for clothing requirements to keep yourself comfortable. Recommendations on what to pack for your amazing journey of discovery:


    Walking/Hiking Shoes and Attire

    Sedona is a beautiful walking space and can be walked from one end to the other if you're a big walker and in good/fit shape. (Rev. Val has walked all over Sedona and enjoyed it immensely (-;) Some of our field trips include WALKING/HIKING.



    Sedona is full of POWERFUL VORTEX ENERGY. You may experience emotions, moods, shifts and attitudes coming up that you may not expect, or that may take you by surprise. One of the best ways to process yourself through these powerful shifts is to journal your experience.


    Your Grimoire 

    Distinct from a journal, your Grimoire is a record of your magickal operations, sigils, magickal notes, readings you conduct, full moon/new moon rituals, correspondences, magickal recipes and elixirs, and any other information you desire to record on your magickal journey. If you desire, you may purchase a new Grimoire for use with CCW, or you can choose to bring a Grimoire(s) you already work with. Please note that CCW has a CLASS GRIMOIRE for our students that you get to place your magickal name and seal in if you desire.


    Black, Red and/or Purple Clothing 

    CCW School colors are black, red and purple if you'd like to dress in alignment with teachers and students. Your choice. This is an FYI, not a rule. Wear anything you feel comfortable in.


    Magickal Items for the Altar 

    If you'd like to bring magickal implements such as crystals, magick wands, chalices, decks and more, feel free to bring them to place on the altar to soak in the magickal vortex energy of Sedona and the practices and rituals we engage while in class. Your items will leave with you CHARGED UP TO THE MAX!


    Your Amazing Open & Receptive Self 

    You! Ready, open, receptive, willing. This is most important!



  • Terms & Conditions

    Consider the Following Info Mindfully & Make Your Commitment Wholeheartedly:



    We do not not offer refunds on any of our Retreats and/or the Mystery School. We expect that if you make the commitment to be present and participatory, you will follow through with your commitment, even (and especially) when it becomes difficult.


    Rev. Val has been blessed by the divine to lead retreats for over 14 years. She has supported countless retreat attendees in moving past fear and resistance and into BIG WINS. We pray we can participate in your BIG WINS!!! HALLELUJAH!!!



    If you cancel after having made complete payment for registration, there are no refunds of any portion of your Sedona Retreat and/or CCW Mystery School tuition.


    If you have an emergency that precludes your attendance, you may request to have a credit toward a future Retreat/CCW Mystery School. We pray all goes well with you, yet if you do require support in this area, please email us at the same email you received confirmation from when you made your payment. We will advise you of next steps.


    Payment Plans

    We do not offer payment plans for this Retreat/CCW Mystery School. We have found that if a student is not ready to move forward, issues around money may come up. Recognize these issues for what they are, and meet them head on... with an intention to be FREE.


    Money is never the issue, so we confidently expect that if your presence at the CCW Mystery School is divinely ordained, registering for it will unfold divinely. We've seen it a million times. We let go and we let Goddess!!!



    CONGRATS on making a commitment to YOU, YOUR MAGICK and your SOUL WORK in the world that has been deposited in you by your Creator and is seeking EXPRESSION.


    We celebrate your commitment and look forward to your attendance as a CCW Mystery School student in Sedona,AZ!!

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