Here's a look at a New Year Money & Wealth Reading. I conducted this reading for my own wealth creation in 2021 with a very clear intention on which business activities and services to offer for maximum profitability. This is Witchy Business 101. Your money manifestation and wealth creation can be supernova in 2021... see below for how to book your reading.

  • How to Book Your Reading with

    Rev. Valerie Love

    Blessings & Love!


    As you may know, I don't do readings for the general public. All readings are usually done for clients and those who are registered in the Mystery School. Right now, for a limited time only, you can book a reading with me.


    The reading can can be for Money & Wealth, or on any topic you choose.


    Readings are 60 minutes in length and are conducted via Zoom. You'll receive the Zoom link and all appropriate details after your appointment is booked.


    Investment: $444

    What you can expect...

    An in-depth reading on the topic of your choice. The offering here is for Money & Wealth due to the fact that many of our tribe members love the topic of Money Manifestation & Wealth Creation, and it's my specialty. As a former financial advisor with American Express, I love all things wealth, abundance, riches and prosperity. I'd love for you to experience your GREATEST FINANCIAL WINS in 2021!

    Next steps...

    To book your reading, make your payment below, after which you'll be directed to my calendar. There you'll see appointments for afternoon, evening and weekends. We've set up a flexible schedule to accommodate you.

    How to prepare for your reading...

    As you know, we have questions, Spirit has answers. In order to receive the most magnificent results from divination, a few items must receive our attention:

    1. Quiet - Grandma was right, silence is golden. Be still before your reading. If you can, take a few moments to mediate (ideally for 20 minutes+) before we begin. The empty space is where Spirit speaks and we listen.
    2. Write - Write your questions out in a journal before your session. Journal on why these things are important to you. Writing is magickal.
    3. Reflect - Reflect and meditate on what you TRULY DESIRE to happen in 2021 with regard to your MONEY & WEALTH. Be clear. Clarity equals power. If you're not clear, we'll take a few moments up front in your reading to become CRYSTAL CLEAR.
    4. Ready - Be ready, prompt and prepared for your reading. Be ready for breakthroughs, aha's, epiphanies and/or satori moments.
    Ready? Let's do this...
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