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    How It Works & Getting Started:


    Welcome to the ISIS ARISING COVEN for witches who know that doing the deep, holistic healing work is vital to our ascension as witches, and the full expression of our gifts in the world. We can't get around healing the deep, dark issues no one wants to look at, but that must be addressed and resolved.


    This is where that deep healing work can be done, with magickal results that include: greater financial abundance, beautiful relationships, dream businesses, and powerful magick for all you desire.


    There's never been a coven like this one, and we're elated to have you as a member, for your holistic healing, ascension and magickal life!


    There are 5 components of the coven:


    Training + Subscription Box + Community + Money + Rituals = ISIS ARISING

    Monthly Investment: $149

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    In Depth Training

    Your classes focus on HOLISTIC HEALING with essential oils, with the specific uses of each oil, how to heal inner wounds, plant medicines, space clearing and getting rid of negative energies and unwanted energies and more.

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    Subscription Box

    Every other subscription box out there contains items that SOMEONE ELSE PICKED OUT for you. This is radically different... YOU GET TO PICK OUT YOUR OWN subscription box each month with help from your guide.

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    Community of Witches

    You could go it alone, but you've already done that and you know it doesn't work on the healing journey, hence this coven. TOGETHER we form an unstoppable force of infinite power.

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    Financial Abundance

    With our referral bonuses and affiliate links, you'll earn ongoing commissions from each witch or magickal practitioner you refer to the coven, producing recurring revenue.

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    You'll receive an exclusive invite to our in-person Spring & Fall Equinox and Summer & Winter Solstice Rituals conducted all over the globe in magickal hotspots like Sedona, Egypt, Peru, Mexico, New Orleans, Salem and more. As a member of the Isis Arising Coven, you receive special pricing on all events, retreats and in person rituals. The in person rituals will grow you and your magickal powers exponentially.


    3 Steps to Getting Started:


    1. Enter the Circle: the Circle is our online private community. Though we have many members in the Circle, there is a section exclusively for the Isis Arising Coven, where you'll find all class materials, recordings from class, and our exclusive Coven chat with other members (only Coven members can access this part of the Circle).



    Text the word Coven to (844) 947-6730

    You'll receive a link via text for INSTANT ACCESS. You can start on the lessons and watch class recordings right away!


    2. Book a call with your guide each month to select items for your subscription box. Set your appointment for the day you joined the Coven. For instance, if you joined on the 20th of the month, set your appointment on the 20th of the month or close to that date. GO HERE to book your private appointment.


    3. Introduce yourself! Say hi to your Coven sisters in the exclusive chat for Coven members only. Show us your altars, talk about your experiences and let us know what's happening with you. Be open. We love to hear your shares!


    That's it for now. If you have questions or require support, TEXT us at the above number. See below for a quick reminder that you can refer other members to the Coven if they're a match. We'll talk more about it in your private session.


    Welcome to the Isis Arising Coven.

    You'll love it here!

  • Your Investment In You:

    You can refer others to the Coven and receive recurring income each month.

    We'll talk about how in your private sessions.

    As You Know, Your Investment In This Program For Radical Transformation, Deep Healing & A Community of Powerhouse Witches is Only $149/Month


    *You can enjoy free membership after 3 months of paid membership. We'll tell you how in the intro session.*


    We look deliciously forward to working magick and rituals with you!

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