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If You Own the Book Christian Witches Manifesto: You Now Have a Collector's Item

As of today, October 3, 2020, the book Christian Witches Manifesto is no longer available in print or as an eBook. Also unpublished today is the book The Bible 11:11 Code: An Oracle for Christian Witches. Here's why...


In short, the reason both books are being unpublished is because of UPLEVELING. I'm doing a massive uplevel on ALL my books (my Amazon Author Page is here) so that I ONLY bring you books that knock your socks off.

The overwhelming feedback from both the above books was not outstanding. While many readers enjoyed the books, used them for their spiritual growth and gave a 5 star review, many asked for more.

I'm answering that call, which is in essence the call of my soul.

I know within myself what kind of work I can create, and I'm committed to creating OUTSTANDING books that I pray have global impact and that readers devour, use, grow from and come clamoring back for more!


If I can do that by the grace of God, I'm ecstatic.

The response from you, the readers, to the book How to Be a Christian Witch blew me away... The book has been on the best seller list for most of its life and I'm ELATED and THANK-FULL!

The feedback from readers and within myself is clear: this is a groundbreaking book with huge impact and global implications.

Honest Reviews Are Appreciated!

I view being an author as a conversation between me and you (the reader). In a conversation, we both share. We're both heard. We're both honored, respected, appreciated. I don't say it enough, so here it goes again: I APPRECIATE YOU!

If you've bought ANY of my 18 books or you're a reader here on the blog, or you're a card-carrying member of our global Christian Witches community: I LOVE YOU!

Honest reviews HELP. A lot. Got a good nugget from the book? Share it on Amazon. Think other people could benefit from reading the book? Share it on Amazon. We LOVE your honest reviews and feedback. It lets me know the direction to go in, and what's most useful to YOU.


Though I'm led by inspiration and not by outside influence, I understand there's a place for feedback and I humbly accept it. While I don't build my life around what other people say, I do take it into account.

What's on the Horizon?

I write every day. Here's what's brewing in my cauldron:

  • Spell Crafting for Christians Witches: A Manual of Christian Witchcraft (available for pre-order on October 31!) This baby will be available in eBook, paperback and hardcover!
  • Magickal Prayers for Christian Witches (available for pre-order on October 31! Yes, launching 2 books at the same time... I'm either out of my mind or obsessed with books or both lol)
  • An advance reader copy group. Stay tuned for details on how to be on the list of advance readers who receive free review copies of all my books. Currently, ARC's have only been sent to those in the media (for podcast interviews) or to students in the Mystery School. We're expanding our ARC list. Details coming soon...
My prayer is that both the new books knock your socks off.

Keep it witchy,

Rev. Valerie Love aka KAISI

P.S. - BTW, if you own the books Christian Witches Manifesto and/or The Bible 11:11 Code, you now own collector's items. I've seen my out of print books on Amazon for up to $900, so I pray I left you with a good investment!

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