11-Step Formula for Spellcrafting in Christian Witchcraft - STEPS 8 & 9

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Steps 8 & 9 of the 11-Step Formula for Spellcrafting

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Step 8 - Even Better Clause

There’s a clause I love adding to my magick called ‘even better.’

The meaning of this clause is that I’m asking for ‘even better’ than I spelled for. An example… not long ago I was checking out of one long-term apartment rental and into another managed by the same firm. The check-out time was 11 AM for the unit I was in, and the check-in time for the unit I was going to was 4 PM. I didn’t want that big break in the middle. My desire was to go directly from one unit to the next.

I asked the company for late check-out on one unit and early check-in for the other. I expressed to them my desire to go directly from one apartment to the next.

They called me and asked if I would be willing to entertain an alternate solution. I replied affirmatively. The customer service agent let me know that he was somewhat playing a game of Tetris, with many moving parts to keep guests in their accommodations happy, as well as manage cleaning staff. The solution he offered me was that he would extend my stay in my current unit (at no extra charge) and overlap it with my next unit. Effectively, he would make my check-in to the new unit on a Thursday at 4 PM and make my check-out at the existing unit at 11 AM on Friday.

YES! Was my answer! This turned out ‘even better’ than I anticipated or requested or even knew to request.

Everyone was happy, and the customer service agent told me that us reaching this agreement made his week. This is the essence of my ‘even better’ clause.

The ‘even better’ clause is stated at the end, or during, any magickal working. It’s saying to the cosmos that I desire this to be ‘even better’ than I asked for, spelled for, or currently know is possible.


Why is this valuable?

Because I don’t know all the moving parts of the situation. I don’t know what I don’t know. There could be multiple solutions to the issue I’m spelling for. I may only see one, asking for late check-out and early check-in, for instance. I didn’t know the answer would be even better than that, nor could I have imagined that the solution would be so good, and everyone would be so happy. Everyone ended up smiling. This is the kind of magick I love.

There’s so much we don’t know in any given situation. Spelling ‘too tightly’ is the bane of magick. It reeks of control. Control is born of fear. We’re not here to control the universe. We are here to wield and master immense and infinite power.

POWER rather than CONTROL.

In addition, the ‘even better’ clause INVITES the universe to swoop in and arrange things beautifully on my behalf… even better than I can spell for.

Though I didn’t cast a spell for the above mentioned situation, I had set a firm intention: that I was going from one unit directly to the other, in peace and joy.

That’s exactly what happened.

I just didn’t know exactly ‘how’ that was going to happen.

We don’t have to know the details of ‘how’ the results of our spell work will be returned to us. We simply have FAITH and TRUST that the results are ALREADY DONE.

I don’t use the word FAITH here as blind belief. I take the scientific method in magick and do not condone flights of fancy.

The word FAITH in this context means CERTAINTY, CONFIDENCE and SURETY. I am certain, confident and sure that my magickal workings are in full effect and are returning me results, even better than what I spelled for.


Adding this clause to your spell work can take your magick to a whole new level, and your intentions as well, even without spell work. Try it and let me know your results.

Step 9 - Release!

We’ve arrived at the point of the completion of the spell and we are ready to RELEASE our desires into the cosmos for delicious return to us.

This is the hardest step for most of us.

There’s a scripture that comes to mind:

“Cast thy bread upon the running waters: for after a long time thou shalt find it again.”

Ecclesiastes 11:1

(Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition)

To me, this scripture means: LET IT GO.

Oprah also taught a truth I love: you cannot go out and get what you desire; what you desire must be delivered to you. We look at Oprah and think she’s the ultimate go-getter. Yet, she has a secret. She understands that we put our BEST out into the universe, then release it and ALLOW the yumminess to be returned to us.

Fascinating. This truth does not negate the necessity of doing the work, or putting forth the requisite time and energy to manifest dreams and desires.


We are in a great cosmic restaurant. Everything in the universe is on the menu. You can have anything you like. You order your food, and the wait staff takes your order to the kitchen, where the chef cooks it up for you. It will be delivered in front of you shortly thereafter.

Spellcrafting and casting is a lot like this. We order something delicious. We make it very clear to the cosmic kitchen what we desire, including special orders and instructions… hold the mushrooms, extra cheese, substitute agave nectar for sugar, etc.


Then we RELEASE and ALLOW.


No one follows the wait staff into the kitchen and oversees the cooking of the entire meal. No one leaves the table with their wonderful friends to stand over the chef and instruct him on how to saute the onions.


You KNOW this is a great restaurant. That’s why you picked it in the first place. You KNOW the universe is a great place, because you decided that it is.


You know you are in a delicious co-creation with universal forces far beyond comprehension. You know that there is a give and receive, a cosmic dance. You know you are dancing with the perfect partner: Source.

There is no need to rush the chef. As a matter of fact, the better the food, the longer it will take to prepare. Fast food is not high quality food, by its very definition.

You have no problem with this system in a restaurant.

It seems we all have a little bit of a problem, to one degree or the other, with applying the exact same principles to the universe, especially when a deep desire is, so to speak, on the table.

This is not helpful in magick.

Unilaterally dismiss:

  1. any and all need to see results instantaneously.
  2. rushing.
  3. doubt/wondering if the spell ‘worked’ or if you did it ‘right.’
  4. need for results to show up a specific way, or with a specific person.
  5. any and all nagging questions.
  6. how it’s going to happen.
  7. control.

LET IT GO. Do your BEST. Then LET IT GO.

This is the release step. Because our minds can be tricky, write the release statement in your grimoire, as well as a physical action or a visualization that will serve to signal your lower mind that we are not thinking about this any longer. Example: see your desire as a golden ball of potential energy on a dove whom you release into the beautiful blue sky.

Then, never think of it again. Even better, forget about it if you can. Some of the best accidental magick I’ve ever performed is when I’ve completely forgotten about the spell, only to find a sigil under a rock somewhere, or a written out desire in an old grimoire and realize that it all came true.

I used to struggle with the LET GO/RELEASE part of magick. I didn’t like it. Why? Because I was a control freak. Why? Because deep down inside, I was in fear.

How did I turn it around? SELF-LOVE. I get to love my Self so completely and rapturously that I KNOW I am the BELOVED child of Source who has one aim: TO DELIGHT ME.

Because Source only seeks to delight me, I KNOW the delicious results of what I asked for are on the way.

Some may say, well God knows everything, and already knows what you want. So why do a spell in the first place?

Good question.

God gave each soul FREEDOM OF CHOICE. YOU MUST CHOOSE, not sit back and let the universe choose for you. YOU DECIDE. YOU are SOVEREIGN. YOU ARE A CREATOR.

This is you taking your seat on the throne of DIVINITY.


Now on to the next steps in the spellcrafting formula...

Love & CW Blessings!

Rev. Valerie Love (aka KAISI)

Rev. Valerie Love is the author of 20 books on practical spirituality, magick, the occult and Christian Witchcraft. Explore the Christian Witchcraft series of books intentionally designed for you... the practicing Christian Witch. (Oh and if you've read any of the books, would you be kind and leave a review? Thanks beyond the moon!)

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