11-Step Formula for Spellcrafting in Christian Witchcraft - STEPS 5-7

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Steps 5-7 of the 11-Step Formula for Spellcrafting

Hey Witchy Wonder! If you haven't read the first blog post in this series containing all 11 steps and full detail on Step 1, GO HERE. For the 2nd blog post in this series containing Steps 2-4, GO HERE.

Step 5 - Correspondences & Sympathies

Next, I look at the correspondences for the specific outcome. Correspondences include magickal implements, items, tools, crystals, herbs and more that correspond or match the outcome. I do quite a bit of sympathetic magick (which is really just a game of matching) because it makes sense to me as well as being simple and accessible.

It’s easy to intuit that using rose petals and honey for sweetening my relationship with my boo (or creating a new relationship) would be a no-brainer.

If the correspondences are known — such as Cassia for the archangel Haniel — then I’ll gather these.

Likewise, if the correspondences are spelled out in a grimoire, acquire the items. This process could turn into a more arduous affair than first anticipated. Acquiring rare items from a specific magickal operation in an ancient grimoire may take years. Proceed accordingly. (This is not to say you must wait years to practice magick. It may mean that you’ll gather the items over years for that specific operation. Many other spells can be crafted and cast in the meantime.)

If the correspondences are NOT known, then I’ll turn to my magickal experience or books from other Witches and Mages I trust. What do they use? If it resonates for me, I’ll go with it.

Lastly, if I don’t know the correspondences, and haven’t found these in a book or other source, I’ll turn to divination.

Step 6 - Magickal Timing

There’s a universal powerhouse that can be tapped that I refer to as COSMIC WEATHER.

This is the astrological element of magick. Mastering the craft requires the ability to access, harness and focus the vast energies and forces of heaven, at the right time, for our magickal purposes.

We’re sovereign beings; we have all the energies of the cosmos at our disposal.

All that’s required to utilize these is an unyielding desire to learn (let’s call it hunger), open willingness to explore (let’s call this non-resistance) and committed, consistent practical application of acquired knowledge to produce results.

Rinse and repeat to master.

For me, cosmic weather is all about perfect alignment with the cosmos for the best results. ALIGNMENT is an important word for me… the more ALIGNED I am with the cosmos, the more magickal life becomes on its own, even when I’m not formally practicing magick. I love the flow of divine energy rushing through me, energizing me and swirling around me when I’m ALIGNED, like being in a river and floating downstream, rather than fighting the current.

We can utilize the movement and energy of the planets to align with the cosmos. This is simple. Our forebears and ancestors knew this well. They looked at the sky and took note of what effects were being caused on earth and in daily life. They saw the connections, and they honored and aligned with them.

How to Calculate the Best Magickal Timing

I use intuition, tables and divination. Here’s a brief explanation of all three, as well as pertinent resources.

Intuition for Magickal Timing

Intuition is the major compelling guide in our magick. It’s Higher Self communing with the lower mind. Tuning in and ascertaining by way of DIRECT KNOWING what is right for self is CRITICAL for the practicing Christian Witch.


What’s the best means to hone intuition? Meditation. Hands down.


Experienced Witches know well that the perfect timing for a particular spell or ritual comes to us naturally the more we practice magick. We trust this intuitive knowing. It is the Divine within speaking.

Tables for Magickal Timing

Magickal time tables are in the book the Key of Solomon (free for anyone to read on the Esoteric Archives website). You’ll also find in the Key of Solomon a table with the angels of each hour, as well as a separate table with the archangels, angels, metals, days of the week and colours attributed to each planet.

Over time, the information required will synthesize into a workable system. At least that’s what has unfolded for me. I have a huge spell book with the names of the planets, the angel correspondences, colors, metals, herbs and more. Of course, it took years to compile this treasury of magickal information. It takes practice to understand the magickal correspondences as they relate to you as a soul.

I’m not married to what’s in books, no matter how ancient they may state they are. I’m married to ascension to be fully realized as a Divine Being. My process is exploratory, as is yours. There’s no need marrying a system that doesn’t completely mesh with your soul.

There are many other tables all over the web, of which you get to choose what works best for you. There are variations, so I would stick with one system until mastered rather than hopping from system to system with each ritual.

If I still have questions as to when to engage a particular ritual or cast a specific spell, I’ll engage divination.

Divination for Magickal Timing

Divination for magickal timing can be as easy as 1-3 Tarot cards or a pendulum swing.

If you have in mind a date already (such as the New Moon) pull 1 Tarot card or pull out your pendulum to acquire a simple YES/NO answer. This is the easiest form of divination, straightforward in nature, with little to no room for ambiguity. If the first Tarot card you pulled is not a clear YES/NO, pull another. Repeat until you have a CLEAR YES or NO.

If you work with a pendulum, and your pendulum is charged and accurate, use it to determine a YES/NO answer.

If there are several dates you have in mind, write out the dates and pull a card on each date. Read the card and its meaning. You may find vital insights as to process and outcomes if the ritual were conducted on each of these different dates.

Lastly, if you have no idea whatsoever of when to do a specific ritual or spell, I would turn to a full blown Tarot reading, such as the Celtic Cross (an excellent blog post on how to read the Celtic Cross spread is on Biddy Tarot, a HIGHLY trusted source for all things Tarot). This reading gives in depth insight into multiple factors and people involved.

Not knowing the best timing to conduct a ritual may also signal that there is not a clear intention, or that greater insight into the issue is required before proceeding with precision. This will all be cured with the Celtic Cross Tarot spread.

Step 7 - Incantation

This is where we get ninja with Spellcrafting: with our WORDS.

Words carry power beyond what’s uttered. Words are energy patterns we send forth that the universe will match and return to us as the results of what we spelled for. Hence, precision is an imperative.

I don’t want to convey the idea that one must be a surgeon with a scalpel, yet I am a proponent of giving all you can to the formulation of your incantation by making it as precise and powerful as it can be.

If you’re not a wizard when it comes to writing incantations, there’s a hack for Christian Witches: use the book of Psalms. The book Secrets of the Psalms (though it’s a Hoodoo flavored work) can provide any incantations you may require.

In addition, another resource is the book written by yours truly: Magickal Prayers for the Christian Witch (which provides a prayer/words of power for a variety of magickal purposes, along with the essential oil and Tarot card correspondences for each).


Now on to the next steps in the spellcrafting formula...

Love & CW Blessings!

Rev. Valerie Love (aka KAISI)

Rev. Valerie Love is the author of 20 books on practical spirituality, magick, the occult and Christian Witchcraft. Explore the Christian Witchcraft series of books intentionally designed for you... the practicing Christian Witch. (Oh and if you've read any of the books, would you be kind and leave a review? Thanks beyond the moon!)

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