11-Step Formula for Spellcrafting in Christian Witchcraft - STEPS 2-4

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Steps 2-4 of the 11-Step Formula for Spellcrafting

Hi Witchy Wonder! If you haven't read the first blog post in this series, GO HERE for ALL 11 STEPS in the formula and for STEP 1.

Then come back here and continue with Steps 2-4. Let's do this...

Note: an unintended 'side effect' of magick (especially for powerful Witches) is the manifestation of strange or undesirable aspects of spellcrafting, i.e. you spell for $3,000 and get in a car wreck in which the insurance payout is exactly $3,000. Though you received EXACTLY what you spelled for, you may not have desired it to show up in that way. While we certainly don't control the universe and all the many conditions that must align for us to receive the manifestation of our desires and intentions, we can DO OUR BEST TO CREATE DELICIOUS OUTCOMES IN DELICIOUS WAYS.

Step 2 - Intention

What’s my intention with this spell? Intention is not so much what I desire as it is why I desire it. What’s the driving force, or MOTIVATION BEHIND what I’m spelling for?

Desire is the WHAT. Intention is the WHY.

Example: I’d like to increase wealth by making my business more prosperous. I decide to spell for abundance and prosperity.

Why do I desire greater prosperity? This is the first question I’d ask myself. Many people would just proceed with an abundance or money spell of some sort, yet I’ve discovered there are several more layers to unpack before diving in to the magick.

Why do I desire greater prosperity?

Asking the question 7 times or more will begin to get to the heart of the matter and reveal layers of unconscious drivers that are surely present, awaiting our awareness.

Why do I desire greater prosperity?

Layer 1 - because I want more money! I shouldn’t have to explain myself.

Why do I desire greater prosperity?

Layer 2 - because I don’t have enough money! I need more ASAP!

Why do I desire greater prosperity?

Layer 3 - because I have a nagging feeling inside.

Why do I desire greater prosperity?

Layer 4 - because I feel like I should be so much further along than I am at this stage in my life when it comes to money. I’m kind of ashamed at being where I am financially. At the same time, I don’t know if I can trust myself with larger sums of money if and when they do come.

Ah, now we’re getting somewhere… we’ve uncovered shame and issues of not trusting self.

Why do I desire greater prosperity?

Layer 5 - because I’ve been struggling for too long. I can’t take it anymore. I’m exhausted. I have to have a better life now!

Now we’re acutely aware that frustration is present as part of the intention.

Why do I desire greater prosperity?

Layer 6 - I know I can do so much better!

Ah! Now we’re tapping into potential!

Why do I desire greater prosperity?

Layer 7 - I have so many people to serve. I’d love to open that spiritual homeless shelter I’ve been dreaming about for years, where all homeless people are treated with love and care like they’ve never seen before! Yes! I love this vision! And I’m ready to do something about it!

Ah! Now we’re tapping into service to humanity and the greater upward call!

I take myself through these layers because I MUST get to the root of why I’m choosing to spell for what I’m spelling for. It’s not enough for me to cast a spell. I must deeply understand my TRUE INTENTION. The Law of Cause and Effect says that I’ll receive EFFECTS according to the TRUE CAUSE. I’m going to work this law in my favor by uncovering the TRUE CAUSE and setting a POWERFUL INTENTION that will more than likely return to me its kind.

Intentions are tricky. They don’t live on the surface. They have to be coaxed out into the open. We may think our intention is one thing, when really, it’s another.

The most potent aspect of an intention is that it will return the same. If my intention (or the driving force) behind the magick includes shame, mistrust and frustration, I’ll receive a situation which will make me frustrated, feel more ashamed and likely not to trust. I’ll wonder why the magick didn’t work, when in actuality it worked perfectly. It gave me my true intention.

As practicing Witches, if we know intimately our true motives and intentions at all times, including the unconscious drivers swirling around far beneath the surface, our magick will be that much more informed and effective.

Step 3 - Sorting

Now that I’ve uncovered several drivers in my consciousness, including:

  • Shame
  • Not trusting myself
  • Frustration (a form of anger)
  • Desire to fulfill my potential
  • Desire to serve humanity

I’m going to take steps to rid all the unwanted aspects of what I desire (so that they do not return to me in any way in the results of the spell work) and infuse the entire spell with the ENERGY of the DESIRED OUTCOME ONLY.

This step could be referred to as sorting.

How is sorting achieved?

In 2 ways:

  1. Daily spiritual practice: a Master Alchemist practices daily rituals for expanding consciousness, ridding self of negative energies and becoming God.
  2. Write and Embody the opposite: write the opposite of the undesirable elements as the wording of the spell, or magickal prayer (i.e. joy instead of sadness; holiness instead of shame), then EMBODY these. (In the back of this tome you’ll find an excerpt from my forthcoming book that provides Magickal Prayers for the Christian Witch that can be used in spell work.)

Step 4 - Divination

A full Tarot reading or simple pendulum swing can give either in depth answers or a clear YES or NO, depending upon the spell involved.

Example: if I’m crafting a New Moon ritual to create expansion in my business from 400+ customers to over 1,000 customers within 90 days, creating greater income and greater impact for greater numbers of people (an actual spell I’m crafting) I’ll do a Tarot reading to gain insight into several aspects of the issue, including:

  • What may be standing in the way of me having the outcome. This would be as important to know — if not more important — than how to actually attract the customers. I may be attracting customers to my door, yet the door still won’t open because I have an unworthiness issue blocking the additional customers from walking through the door. In this case, my attraction is working fine. The issue is my ‘receiving’ ability since the presence of unworthiness in consciousness (as it is currently, with regard to this issue) does not allow me to let in what’s standing right outside my door. This knowledge will influence the direction of the ritual, along with the resulting correspondences. For instance, ‘attraction’ correspondences are different from ‘receiving’ correspondences. For ‘attraction’ I would use sweetness and magnetism. For ‘receiving’ I would use Yin energies of darkness, penetration and opening to let in. Just as important, I would slather myself with ridiculous amounts of self-appreciation to melt the unworthiness, which is at the core of the issue. Channeling this magick through the powerful love energies resident in the heart chakra will also melt unworthiness and any and all inability or hesitancy to receive deeply from the infinite fount of good the universe has ordained for each of us.
  • Who? Who’s affecting the outcome? Who’s involved? I may be seeking to accomplish an outcome that involves many other people. While it’s true that much of magick likely involves other people, I’d like to gain greater insights on who these people are, how they’re involved and what, if anything, I need to do about it. Tarot reveals this well. (Be sure victim mentality doesn’t creep in here, as no one else is ever needful for you to do what you are going to do.)
  • What actions are required of me? This is a biggie, or where the proverbial rubber meets the road. Obviously, I don’t have the outcome I desire yet because I haven’t done the work (either inner or outer or both) to receive the outcome. This will change with the spell work. Therefore, I must be willing to do something (or many somethings) different than what I’m currently doing. Perhaps I require more marketing to gain those additional customers, or hire an assistant or install systems I wasn’t willing to discipline myself to previously. I must be willing to do something different in my business to CORRESPOND to and SUSTAIN the outcome I’m spelling for. It does me no good to attract and receive 1,000 customers if I don’t have the business systems to sustain them. I wind up going backwards ultimately, which is can be an unwanted side effect of immense and quick growth. I’m going to avoid that, as best I can, with Tarot as my friend and trusty guide.
  • Unknowns. There could be any number of unknowns, including future events that I have no idea of. As I write these words (in mid 2020), we are in the middle of massive change on planet earth which affects just about every area of life as we know it, including medical systems, nutrition, soil, environment, public health, technology and more, while at the same time humanity is being forced to reconcile its black/white issues in America and globally. Needless to say, 2020 held huge unknowns, all of which no one could have seen coming. Tarot is of immense help with this. You’ll know what to do even if you don’t know what’s coming.

Divination is not limited to one step in a linear process but is to be employed throughout the Spellcrafting process at any juncture when one desires to receive clearer guidance.

Heaven is ever available to us.


Now on to the next steps in the spellcrafting formula...

Love & CW Blessings!

Rev. Valerie Love (aka KAISI)

Rev. Valerie Love is the author of 20 books on practical spirituality, magick, the occult and Christian Witchcraft. Explore the Christian Witchcraft series of books intentionally designed for you... the practicing Christian Witch. (Oh and if you've read any of the books, would you be kind and leave a review? Thanks beyond the moon!)

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