11-Step Formula for Spellcrafting in Christian Witchcraft - STEPS 10 & 11

Magickal Inspiration for the Practicing Christian Witch

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Steps 10 & 11 of the 11-Step Formula for Spellcrafting

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Step 10 - Observe & Catalog Results

By law, results will show up. The Law of Cause and Effect assures you will receive an effect, based upon the causative act of magick and the energy you set in motion.

Results will come around, just like a boomerang. If they’re spot on, great! If not, hold these truths in mind:

  • I don’t get what I want. I get my vibratory match. This is a vibratory universe governed by universal laws, one of which has the sole responsibility of matching vibrations. Am I a vibrational match for my desire? Does my energy and the energy of the desire correspond? Example: I spell for increased wealth yet poverty thoughts continue to plague me (an actual experience I had to contend with). The answer wasn’t to do more magick. The answer was to change my thoughts. Then, I could approach it again with magick, if desired.
  • I don’t control the ‘how.’ Though I am a powerful being, I humbly realize there are countless factors at work in this magnificent universe, most of which are beyond my knowledge. The ‘how’ could take many forms. Next time, I’ll dig deeper into my intention, and will be sure to include my EXPERIENCE as part of the spell (i.e. joy, bliss, elation) and not simply the result.
  • I get unlimited do-overs!

This is why magick is so much more than wearing a cloak while saying a few really good sounding rhyming words, whirling a wand with herbs on one’s head and releasing it all to the universe.

The most powerful and indeed irresistible magick comes from the core of BEING. If you’re BEING the energetic essence of what’s spelled for, the universe couldn’t NOT deliver the desire to you, beautifully, swiftly and accurately.

Either way, catalog ALL results in your grimoire so as to learn, grow and approach the matter again from an elevated station in consciousness borne from wisdom.

Step 11 - Optimize & Repeat

Congratulations! You’ve achieved measurable results!

To optimize results and approach magick in future spells, ask yourself:

  • Do I have the desired result?
  • Do I have the desired result in a way that’s pleasing to me?
  • Did I enjoy the process?
  • What did I enjoy most?
  • What did I enjoy least?
  • What aspects of my Spellcrafting can be optimized for even better results?
  • What can I integrate next time in order to produce better results?
  • What can I eliminate that was superfluous or extraneous to the essence of the desire?
  • Did I detect negative energy within me or surrounding me that may be hindering me?
  • Did I detect vaster reserves of power within myself than I’ve previously accessed?
  • What would I do differently?
  • What is the intuitive Voice whispering to me about this magickal operation?

Proceed on your course of magick with the wisdom garnered.

Now let’s address sacred space.

Be sure to pick up the book for detailed instructions on how to set up your Temple, Shrine & Altar as a Christian Witch.

Love & CW Blessings!

Rev. Valerie Love (aka KAISI)

Rev. Valerie Love is the author of 20 books on practical spirituality, magick, the occult and Christian Witchcraft. Explore the Christian Witchcraft series of books intentionally designed for you... the practicing Christian Witch. (Oh and if you've read any of the books, would you be kind and leave a review? Thanks beyond the moon!)

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