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Step 1 of the 11-Step Formula for Spellcrafting


A word of clarification before we dive into this spellcrafting formula:

  • This is not a must, or a 'have to' or anything of the kind. This is an offering, and simply that, from one practicing Christian Witch to another. Take nothing here as dogma or the 'right way' to do it. We are Witches. There is no right way to do it. The best way to do it is the way that most deeply resonates and aligns with your unique soul.
  • If you already have a great spellcrafting formula for your magickal practice as a Christian Witch, GREAT! You may require nothing from this material. In that case, please kindly pass it on to a practicing Christian Witch who may be a beginner or who's seeking to expand their magickal practice.
  • If you don't have a spellcrafting formula for your magickal practice as a Christian Witch, please use this material as INSPIRATION ONLY. Do not feel you must follow it step by step. This is one perspective among many perspectives. This is one way to do it, among countless ways to do it. Choose which of the following elements align with you and use those to build your own beautiful magickal practice and book of spells.

This is simply me sharing with you my methodology and the results it's produced for me (whch are spectacular).


Use this as inspiration to craft, expand or tweak your magickal practice.


The following is an excerpt from my book

Spellcrafting for the Christian Witch:

A Compendium of Christian Witchcraft

How does one craft a spell that WORKS?

I like to keep magick as simple as possible and yet still be profoundly potent and effective. If the job can be done with a spell or ritual that requires 3 steps, no need to add 5 more. The universe is PRECISE. I like magick to be as PRECISE, with no added fillers just for drama or to make one feel more ‘magickal.’

Before beginning, a word of caution: understand your basic tendencies. They’ll bleed into your magick, for ill or for good.

For example, I have a tendency to operate with a ‘just-in-case’ mentality. One way this expresses is with way too many items in my purse or luggage. Since I know this about myself, I can function with AWARENESS. I can be AWARE if I see myself throwing in extra steps in any magickal ritual or spell just-in-case. I can make the necessary adjustments.

Not to harp on already known wisdom, yet the maxim KNOW THYSELF is of a critical nature in Spellcrafting.

Ritual Creation & Spellcrafting Formula

A simple step-by-step formula for creating rituals and crafting spells:

  1. Desire
  2. Intention
  3. Sorting
  4. Divination
  5. Correspondences & Sympathies
  6. Magickal Timing
  7. Incantation
  8. Even Better Clause
  9. Release
  10. Observe & Catalog Results
  11. Optimize & Repeat

If you’re new at Spellcrafting, I would highly recommend divination using Tarot at every step of this process and especially when questions or uncertainties arise. Divination, done appropriately, is literally tapping into Divine Mind for guidance.

If you’re an O.G. (Original Gangsta) and you’ve been at this for a while, dive right in. You know what to do.

Step 1 - Desire

What’s your desired outcome?

For clarity, let’s define desire as it’s used in this context.

Desire, for me, is the delicious awareness and irresistible pull to something GREATER. We all have this innate calling UPWARD, to something bigger, better and more fulfilling.

In Buddhism, the word desire is used as a warning against longing. Desire and longing, for me, are two distinct energies.

Desire, as we’ll use it here, is the upward calling. Expansion. Possibilities. Fulfilling the GREATNESS within. It’s climbing one’s own Everest with an unwavering intention to stand at the summit and breathe in the beauty and exhilaration of the moment, while knowing that all the real gold came from the process. It’s that HELL YEAH experience Life is consistently calling us to. STRETCH. GROW. GO FOR IT! BE BIGGER Life says. Not because Life thinks we’re not big, but because Life knows we won’t be happy and fulfilled until we EXPRESS the GREATNESS WITHIN or at least GO FOR IT.

SOUL MAGNIFICENCE has to SHINE for ultimate happiness and bliss to be our way of being rather than falling into fleeting pleasures that have to be chased and replaced.

Desire vs. Need

This is a good time to give a moment of our time and attention to need. One of the foremost issues to rid oneself of as a Master Alchemist is need. We may think we have endless needs, when in reality, we do not.

We do have requirements for life: food, water, shelter, warmth, love. When we consider these requirements for life, they’ve all been provided for by Source. We’ve been given everything we need for the best life on planet earth. We do well to start with this knowing and build from there.

This doesn’t mean we’re supposed to hunker down in a cave somewhere eating only nuts and seeds.

Far from it, you’re here to live the most magnificent, full, adventurous, love soaked life of your own unique creation, full of bliss, joy and fulfillment! YEAH BABY!

As Master Alchemists, when we realize that all we truly require has already been given us, an enduring and ever present THANKFULNESS dawns and abides in the soul. I know it sounds corny, but it’s true, an attitude of gratitude is an incredible ally in magick.

Need is a perception in the mind, not a reality. The perception of need in consciousness is a sucking, low vibration energy. It does not give or bestow, because it seeks only to take. It is vampirism; which is why it’s dangerous to be around people who have perceived needs. They will seek to manipulate others to get their perceived needs met.

The solution? A story from the annals of my crazy life…

Many years ago, I had a deep desire to manifest a beautiful, brand new home. I was in the process somewhere between not yet finding the home, even though I’d been qualified to buy. I had imagined a brand new home and had been taking daily walks through a nearby neighborhood full of brand new mansions. I would breathe, walk and take in all the details of each home as I walked by, marking what I loved about each one. It was a sort of walking meditation.

One day, doubt crept in. Things had not gone well for me in the housing arena at previous low points in my life. Clearly the fear and trauma were still with me, even if on a low level. Would it work this time?

What we know of doubt is that it’s an insidious, low level energy detrimental to our blissful creation and manifestation. It only takes an ounce of doubt to sink the whole ship.

That’s when the angel stepped in.

One day when I was in my spiritual practices, praying fervently, an angel began communicating with me. It asked a series of questions…

Angel: for the home you desire, you’ll need nails. Is the metal for the nails already here?

Me: Well… yes. Whatever they make nails of, steel or something else, yes, the metal is already here, somewhere on the planet.

Angel: is the wood that will be used for the home already here?

Me: Yes, there’s plenty of wood in the world.

Angel: is the stone that you desire for the stone front of the house already here?

Me: I think I see where you’re going with this…

After the angel was certain I got the point that Source had already provided everything for me, the conversation ended with a charge from the angel to swirl all the components together to create anything I desired.

WOW. Mind B.L.O.W.N.

My mind wasn’t blown because I hadn’t thought of those concepts before.

My mind was blown because I had not deeply, in my subconscious mind, come to the understanding, on a visceral level, that EVERYTHING I desire is ALREADY HERE and that my job is to hold in consciousness the DIVINE PATTERN for the desire, causing the spiritual and physical raw materials to take on that particular configuration.

Before that conversation, I was overly focused on the 3rd dimensional considerations:

  • Will I qualify for a mortgage?
  • What paperwork do I have to pull together?
  • Are all my taxes in order?
  • Will it be enough income on paper?
  • What about the payments?
  • Will it be close to my daughter’s school, because I love my daughter’s school…

On and on my mind went with an endless stream of nothingness.

I’m not saying that the considerations aren’t valid. They are.

What I’m saying is that I was overly focused on the aspects of the creation and manifestation process where I was not as strong as I would have liked, and where I’d had issues before, which caused doubt to arise.

Unbeknownst to me, I was focused on lack and limitation: what I thought I did not have, may not have, or could not produce.

Meanwhile, I was not focused on the MUCH BIGGER UNIVERSAL PICTURE: ABUNDANCE. God already has a beautiful home waiting for you, whether you have paperwork or not Valerie. God got you. All your needs have already been supplied.


Because my focus was erroneous, my creation would have been erroneous.


Warning: the reverse won’t work either. To be completely focused on the universal principle of ABUNDANCE and not at all focused on the 3rd dimension is a mistake as well.


We get to honor BOTH, with SPIRIT FIRST and FOREMOST.

So pray, and collect your paperwork. Do your magick, and save money. DO BOTH.

I don’t think the angel was telling me all this because it cared about my house. Angels don’t care about houses. The angel was using the house as a point of reference because that’s where my attention was focused. Source sent a messenger to TRANSFORM MY CONSCIOUSNESS from lack (on subconscious levels of the mind) to ABUNDANCE.

The angel reminded me that I wasn’t asking for something that didn’t ALREADY EXIST.

I was making it harder for myself than it had to be. I was limiting myself without being aware.

On that day, I was relieved of that burden. As you can imagine, the joy and elation that came forward as a result of that angelic intervention made the manifestation of that house pretty rapid and not nearly as hard as it would have been. Doubt was GONE.

Not only was the process of that manifestation altered, my consciousness was permanently transformed by the encounter, which made all subsequent manifestations likewise altered to be bigger, better, more joyful and effortless.

That’s what angels care about. The work of Source in our consciousness. Our character.

And now I pass this knowing on, praying it becomes an even greater and more VISCERAL LIVED EXPERIENCE:

Your desires are ALL ALREADY HERE for you.


The angel’s message was clear and never left me: EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE IS ALREADY HERE.

You’re simply swirling it into a configuration that works for you.

NO ONE IS MAKING ANYTHING. We’re all taking the raw materials of the universe — that have already been gifted to us — to create anything we desire. You get to come up with the idea and the new configuration from the existing raw materials.

On the 3rd dimension, the raw materials we use for creation are wood, metals, plants, etc.

In magick, our raw materials are earth, air, fire, water and the 5th element: Ether.

All the raw materials — both physical and magickal — are available to everyone without prejudice.

There’s no such thing as lack in the universe. There is, however, lack of imagination or work ethic on the part of people.

The Law of Correspondence reminds us that we cannot receive fulfillment from lack.

As within, so without. As above (in consciousness), so below (in the 3rd dimension).

There’s no escaping the fact that magick practiced from need can only create more need. We rid ourselves of need, wants, empty holes on the inside, unsatisfaction and unfulfilment as best we can in our daily spiritual practices. Getting rid of all need energy in consciousness releases us of from any lack mentality we may be secretly and unknowingly harboring in the subconscious mind.

We live in a ridiculously abundant universe. The earth mother is right now spitting out plums, peaches, apples, and all manner of delicacies whether we eat them or not. LIFE DELIGHTS IN EXCESS CREATION. More than what’s necessary or even sensible. It’s not sensible how many apple orchards are in the seeds of one apple. Life is excessive. It gives us way more than we could ever use.

Successfully making these shifts in consciousness sets us up to receive the HIGHEST IDEAL of the DELICIOUS DIVINE POSSIBILITIES that beckon. There’s ALWAYS a greater possibility awaiting you in EVERY area of your life and in EVERY situation. ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE. DREAM BIG.

We get to discover and manifest these infinite possibilities by means of magick

4 Categories of Desire

Now let’s talk about categories of desires.


Most desires fall into the following 4 categories (derived from the work of Florence Scovil Shin in her book The Game of Life and How to Play It). She refers to the following 4 areas (in her own wording) as the 4-square of life:

  • Health - vitality, longevity, youthfulness, energy, beauty, sexuality, sensuality, virility, fertility, healing, etc.
  • Wealth - financial abundance, prosperity, investments, business profits, perfect business partners and customers/clients, real estate, etc.
  • Love - love relationships, Twin Flame/Soul Mate issues, could also include familial relationships, and all the people we love, in the different ways we love. According to my upbringing as a Jehovah’s Witness (and this could be totally off base… yet I mention it now as it’s fitting for a deeper understanding of the ways we love), there are 4 kinds of love: eros (romantic, sexual love), storge (familial love), philia (brotherly love, or the love between good friends) and Agape (the highest form of love that is a principled love of ALL), which is said to be the impersonal, all-encompassing, great unconditional love of Source.
  • Destiny - fulfillment of one’s gifting, anointing, calling and soul mission, the true purpose of life.

I’ve found that all issues I’ve come across and addressed for myself and clients can be found within these 4 categories, and sometimes more than one as the 4 are interconnected aspects of life on the 3rd dimensional plane.

Clarity of Desire
A Master Alchemist knows self so well that desires are CRYSTAL CLEAR.

CLARITY OF DESIRE is a critical first step. Most people are mentally muddy and unclear on what they TRULY DESIRE. I’ve asked at least several hundred people over the past 15 years a simple question: what do you want? My intention for the question?

To get to the core of the true desire, so as to be of service to them in acquiring, creating or manifesting it.

Mind you, this question has been posed to all sorts of people who are highly intelligent, very spiritual or religious, with demonstrated success in their lives. I say this because it’s important to understand that being unclear about desires has nothing to do with intelligence, spirituality or socio-economic factors.

It has to do with SELF GNOSIS.

Most people’s responses began with or included what they did NOT desire:

  • I just know I want to stop feeling this way. I’ve had enough of this.
  • This relationship cannot continue and I just want to end it amicably.
  • This is making me crazy. Anything is better than this.
  • I have to make more money. Money would solve the problems I’m having.

On and on we go, with what we do NOT desire. This is called CONTRAST: the undesirable outcomes or situations that may be painful, or at the very least, annoying and inconvenient. In other words, it’s what we DO NOT WANT.

For the record: MONEY SOLVES NO PROBLEMS. (I learned this first hand when I dated, married and had a baby with a man who had won $17,000,000.00 in the Powerball Lottery. YES, we lived lavish. And YES, we STILL HAD ISSUES. ISSUES THAT HAD TO BE RESOLVED and not by throwing money at them.)

Tony Robbins says that having money means you can show up to your issues in a limousine. It doesn’t mean you don’t have issues to show up to, or that you get to NOT show up to your issues. No one gets a pass. Rich people have issues just like everyone else. The universe plays no favorites.

A Master Alchemist knows that all problems are created and perpetuated in the mind. Hence, they are ONLY solved in the MIND.

Remember our first law: THE UNIVERSE IS MENTAL. This means we must go into realms of our CONSCIOUSNESS to get to the core of and reveal our TRUEST DESIRES.

Consider this:


This is mind boggling when deeply considered, meditated upon and integrated.




  • I may think I desire a Mercedes Benz AMG when what I actually desire is the FEELING of luxury, success, independence, etc. that I have when I’m driving that hot baby.
  • I may think I desire a new romantic partner when I actually desire the FEELING of being loved, adored, doted upon, paid attention to, experiencing companionship, being in partnership, etc.
  • I may think I desire a big beautiful new home when I actually desire a FEELING of stability, groundedness, rootedness, ownership, belonging, being one with the land, family togetherness, the experience of being solidly anchored on the earth mother, etc.

We can readily see that the more in touch we are with the UNDERLYING FEELING or STATE OF BEING we think the physical manifestation will give us, the more SPOT ON our magick will be. We are not referring to fleeting feelings. We are defining HOW WE DESIRE TO BE.

In some cases, the best magick is to FEEL LOVED NOW, or FEEL SUCCESSFUL NOW, or FEEL ABUNDANT NOW. This is simple and immediately actionable. At all times, you’re in charge of your feelings.

I think if more of us were CRYSTAL CLEAR on the FEELINGS as STATES OF BEING we’re truly desirous of, magickal results would be easier. We’d literally be walking around as VISCERAL BALLS OF OUR TRUEST DESIRES which could only lead to effortless manifestation.

Let’s add a twist.

Before we create and manifest a physical desired outcome, we only have an idea in our minds that this particular outcome will give us a particular inner feeling. We only have a hypothesis, if you will. The hypothesis has yet to be proven. That’s why we’re doing the spell work. We’re going to conjure what we desire, and try it on for ourselves. It’s only in the having it, or the experiencing it, that we truly find out what that thing is.

Before we have it, it’s a guess.

In other words, we don’t know if that new Mercedes AMG will have the desired effect or not. That’s the beauty of magick. If it doesn’t yield results that are FULFILLNG, even if the results are DESIRED, we can create something else.

You may have huge success with your magick, and still not ultimately want what you successfully created. I’ve done this more times than you can imagine.

So, I began to view magick as akin to trying on shoes in a huge shoe outlet. I see a pair of shoes on the shelf that are super cute. I try them on. They pinch my little toe. Though they’re gorgeous, and I thought they might be the perfect accompaniment for my new dress, I’m not buying them because they didn’t feel good when I tried them on.

There’s an aspect of magick that’s akin to trying on delicious ideas. I think of something I may love (an expanded business) and I spell for it. I receive exactly what I spelled for, an expanded business. Then I realize that this expanded business — though bringing in highly increased profits — keeps me away from my family more than I’d like.

I’ve tried on the shoes, and see that they pinch my toes.

There are several options available to me. I could hire people. I could create a scenario where my family works with me, if they want to. I could decide to become more of a minimalist and cut back. I’ve actually done all of these at different junctures, after successfully receiving the outcomes of spell work.

The good news: anything you can create with magick, you can change with magick.

We are multidimensional beings dwelling in a dynamic cosmos. Anything is possible.

Before proceeding with Spellcrafting, ask yourself: what do I really want? Then write out the answers. Ask your Self this question at least 7 times. Listen for answers. Write what you receive in your heart. Be patient. There’s no need to rush. This is your life. It deserves all the care, time and loving attention you can heap upon yourself to arrive at what’s ultimately best for YOU.

When you’re crystal clear on your desire (including the FEELING/STATE OF BEING and it’s PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION), proceed with the next steps:

Love & CW Blessings!

Rev. Valerie Love (aka KAISI)

Rev. Valerie Love (aka KAISI) is the author of 20 books on practical spirituality, magick, the occult and Christian Witchcraft. As a practicing Christian Witch, she is the Founder of the Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School in the Solomonic Tradition (CCW for short). Become an Initiate.

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